Candy Generator

We all like our sweet treats - but we can always do with more ideas for our stories, or a little speculative cooking . . .

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Your Options:
Berry Zappers
Blackberry Cocoworms
Candied Exploding Walnuts
Chocolime Nuts
Cosmomarshmallow Marshallows
Crispy Super Fudge
Fun Tangy Truffles
German Taffy
Jellied Jumbo Cremes
Jelly Berries
Junior Caramels
Kaledojelly Taffy
Lime Gooey Bites
Lite Butterscotch Mints
Mocha Bites
Peanut Crackers
Red Hot Fun Toffee
Sinful Jelly Raisins
Sugary Megaraspberries
Vanilla Taffy
Yummy Mochagum


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