Dragon Description Generator

Generates complex physical descriptions of dragons.

Please note that as of 2/28/2017 there have been some errors with this generator. Please report them if you see them.

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This dragon's scales are bronze. It has a serpentine, short body with a slender tail and neck. This dragon has six thick limbs with three closely-mounted digits on each foot that end in very short claws. It has fanlike wings. This dragon has a small mouth with fine, sharp teeth. It has tiny nostrils located close together. This dragon has almond-shaped eyes that are blue. Two large frilled membranes sprout from each side of its head, framing its face. A single horn projects from the base of its chin.
This dragon's scales are black. It has a broad, short body with a very long tail. This dragon has muscular limbs with four digits on each foot that end in long, blunt claws. It has wings like those of a dragonfly. This dragon has a small mouth. It has oval nostrils. This dragon has round eyes that are orange. It has oddly thick lips. A hornlike projection juts straight out between its nostrils.


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