Dragon Breed Generator

Creates names for Dragon Breeds. 'Earth-setting' will make names for breeds in an earth setting, such as Harry Potter or AU stories. 'General Fantasy' will produce general breed names.

Your Options:
American Flamerage
Armored Noble
Bulgarian Ivorybladed Shortcrest
Cold Ravager
Croatian Bladed Burrower
Croatian Colorful Darkback
Goldbone Hoarder
Indonesian Nocturnal Thickjaw
Indonesian Platefrilled Hollowcrest
Jamacan Frilled Daytongue
Jamacan Hightail Winger
Light Airtorrent
Mexican Claytoothed Monitor
Persian Night Poisoncloud
Puerto Rico Frillfrilled Dayback
Puerto Rico Greatspine
Puerto Rico High Coldfrill
Slavic Burrowing Smallbeak
South African Aquatic Bloodbolt
South American Fanged Furyjaw
South American High-diving Slayer
Stalking Frostclaw
Stormstrike Hopper


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