Dragon Breed Generator

Creates names for Dragon Breeds. 'Earth-setting' will make names for breeds in an earth setting, such as Harry Potter or AU stories. 'General Fantasy' will produce general breed names.

Your Options:
Angolan Furyshelled Nighttooth
Aquatic Hollowclaw
Arctic Amber Diamondstinger
Armenian Golden Widewing
Australian Acidgout Burner
Australian Dwarfspine Meat-eater
Bloodbolt Tyrant
Cantonese Large Shieldspine
Columbian Diamond Shortfin
Columbian Heatrage
Croatian Digging Highbeak
Fighting Venomface
Finnish Narrowspined Sniffer
Frilled Swimmer
German Broadfin Shocker
German Dwarf Icetorrent
Grisly Venomjaw
Korean Lightbladed Goldtongue
Mexican Savage Hunter
Spanish Sharpcrest Mimic
Swedish Frostface


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