Anime Title Generator

There's just a certain something about anime titles. This attempts to boil that something into randomly created titles.

Use it wisely.

If you enjoy this generator, it was also one of the inspirations that Ewen Cluney used to create the hilarious Anime Producer Game Channel A

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Your Options:
Alliance Nu
Barbarian Swords
Big Revelation Scroll
Cosmic Ghostly Skipper Tadamichi
Cultural Samurai Boy Kaph
Dark Seed
Date Four
Daylight Victor Phantom
Dimensional Dying Cave City
Dirge Spirit Saint Band
Female Robots
Full Past Gladiator Idol Beowuf
Generator Fool Mermaid Star
Ghost Lakes
Girl Nighttime Sieben
Gunsmith Twilight
His Melty Joke
Initial Bewitching Adventure Lakes
Miracle Driver Sorceror
Mobile Midnight Guardian
Nighttime Sorceror Singer
Past Rogues
Perfect Romance Aura
Tomorrow's Mobile Horror
Trinity Rogues


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