Anime Title Generator

There's just a certain something about anime titles. This attempts to boil that something into randomly created titles.

Use it wisely.

If you enjoy this generator, it was also one of the inspirations that Ewen Cluney used to create the hilarious Anime Producer Game Channel A

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Your Options:
Advancer Army
Alchemist : Eliminator
Beater Rogues
Candy Alchemist Killer Gadget
Dangerous Idiot Cutey Minako
Dark Sorceror Miss illuminators
Future Mortal Twins
Guerilla Crusade Phantom Siren
Her Mermaids Seeker Trackers
Horror Guardians
Miss Car
Mobile Revolution
Mutant Dutchess Fighter Ronin
Nurse Giant
Our Child Animals
Outrageous Romantic Princess Neko Five
Power A
Ray Professor Ronin Call
Report Demon Detective Balls
Stalker Monster Gamma
Steam Priest Boys
Ultimate Steam Adventurer Magic-Users
Warrior Armageddon
Warrior Project Sieben
Warrior Sword


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