Anime Title Generator

There's just a certain something about anime titles. This attempts to boil that something into randomly created titles.

Use it wisely.

If you enjoy this generator, it was also one of the inspirations that Ewen Cluney used to create the hilarious Anime Producer Game Channel A

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Your Options:
Automation Ogre Captor Orange
Beast Tracer Twins
Blade Gadgets
Breeders of Shun
Cultural Illustrious Time Adventure
Detective General Lords
Evil Scroll Planet
Eyepatch \ Suit
Giant Deadly Magic Arena
Hallucination Fairy Ambassadors
Layer Hunter Adventurers
Link Mermaids Siren Buzzer
Magic-User Sailors
Major Super-dimensional Wonder Tail Zehn
My Quack Fatality Truck
Outrageous Agent Boy Theives
Power Trucks
Princess Armor
Saint Phantom Guardians
Showdown Priest Priestess Stones
Spirit ~ Aura
Teacher General Fairies
Teacher Saga
Thunder Dreams
Thunder Mermaids


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