Anime/Manga Romance Titles

Titles for Anime and Manga Romances, with that odd edge of descriptive, romantic, surreal, and weird.

If you're looking for titles that have a specific gender referenced, use the options for Male or Female oriented stories. These make sure the words used are slanted to represent a particular gender.

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Your Options:
Actor's Blushing Clerks
Assassins' Clubs
Desireable Candle
Dress Or Apocalypse
Drivers' Alien Clones
Hearts' Delicate Gemstones
Illegal Blindness Before Joy
Joyous Magic
Kiss Or Blackness
Kisses Before Conquests
Miners Before Actors
Mystical Elegant
Night Spy
Our Barbaric Explorer
Outlaw Sanctuaries Of Heartbeats
Pleading Of Lonliness
Rival = Trader
Robots' Whispering Seer
Silken Coachs
Sweet Nighttime Before Lust
Teacher's Beast Oblivion
Their Bounty Hunter's Harems
Tuxedo Before Reason
Twilight Tornados
Your Holy Rascal


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