Alien Race Name Generator

What's out there in the universe? Possibly the folks here! Inspired specially by Pulp SF and Doctor Who, this is your source for a more 'retro' alien race name.

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Your Options:
Altered Titans
Cave Traders Of The Crystal Zone
Evodesecrators Of Antares
Frilled Apes
Galactic Creepers
Ghost Grubs
Golem Wyverns Of The Mirror Universe
Hawk-wraiths Of Pluto
Kraken-bats Of The Copper Nebula
Node Mantises
Pulsarlogers Of Fomalhaut
Robot Chillers Of The Vortex
Schizowatchers Of The Mammoth Sphere
Spirit Traders
Subspace Lurkers
Subspace Magicians Of The Luminous Sphere
Succubus Gladiators Of Beta Orionis
System Chameleons Of Beta Orionis
Titan Bears
Vortex Men


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