Alien Race Generator

Descriptions of alien races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in the universe.

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Your Options:
The misshapen, metal-based, shark-like race. Their greatest leaders were once hunters. They are masters of botany. They are extremely patronizing. They are in decline. They come from a high-gravity, mineral-poor world that is known for its odd weather.
The massive, jellyfish-like race. Their government is corrupt. They come from a low-gravity, resource-poor world.
The skeletal, dark-feathered race. Their internal structure is very delicate - so any wound can be fatal. They are masters of teleportation. They have quite the sense of humor. They are in decline. There is little variance in appearance among individuals, making one easy to mistake for another. They come from a high-gravity, pleasant world that has many moons and is known for its archeological wonders.
The bulky race. Their government is a bureaucracy that is non-functional. They are the fallen remnants of a once-mighty empire.
The tall race of armadillo-beings. They have strange and unusual senses. This race moves bipedally. They have to merge with a host in order to survive. Their society is dependent on one technology: faster-than-light travel. They are promiscuous - and species doesn't matter to them. They are actually a biomechanical race created by another people.
The squat, earth-based race of insects. They can sense electromagnetic radiation. This race has relatively undeveloped limbs. This race is able to adhere to solid surfaces, making climbing easy. They are known to have terrible body odor. They have only one child at a time. Their society is dependent on one technology: force fields. They are promiscuous - and species doesn't matter to them. Their government is a theocracy that is extremely corrupt. They are expanding by infiltrating other societies.
The equine race. They have many eyes. This race has elongated limbs. This race moves along on a sluglike foot. They feed on radiation. They can consume other living things to power their own healing. They are famous for producing mystics. They have an impeccable sense of fashion. They are in possession of advanced technology from an ancient race. Their world of origin is cold, resource-poor, and is known for having some particuarly unusual wildlife.
The brown-spined race. They are easily addicted to certain substances. Their society is dependent on one technology: terraforming. Their emotions are hard to understand for others. Their government is corrupt. They are rapidly expanding out of their solar system. Their world of origin is pleasant, has a single moon, and is known for its diverse life forms.
The graceful race. This race has highly specialized limbs for various uses. They can take on the form of someone's worst fears. Their greatest leaders were once intellectuals. They come from another time.
The colossal, snail-like race. Their economy is dependent on one technology: robotics. They would conquer the galaxy if they could, but so far haven't proven to be very good at it. They are the descendants of another sentient race, but are a separate species.


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