Space Phenomena Generator

Names for unusual space-based phenomena to influence the plot, threaten your heroes, or allow you to throw around technobabble.

Your Options:
Artificial Phased Cascade Cloud
Bipolar Macro-Outburst Cluster
Bipolar Plasma Corona Nexus
Electro-Supercluster Ring
Gas Flux
Gas Node
Giant Celestial Flare Vortex
Inactive String
Induced Mass Disk
Inverted Celestial Rift Nursery
Inverted Dyna-System Flux
Irregular Anti-Flux Maelstorm
Phased Ray
Planetery Omni-Zone
Plasma Star
Regular Radioactive Torus Maelstorm
Rogue Plume
Rotating Flux
Rotating Neutron Matrix System
Rotating Spot Group
Stabilized Ionized Cascade Nursery
Sub-Polar Neutron Wind Vortex
Sub-Polar Pseudo-Outburst Cloud
Super Hole Maelstorm


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