Poke-Human Generator

Interpreting pokemon is people is something you'll find all over - from role-playing games to artistic challenges, and more. Call them Pokehumans, Pokemorphs, or Pokemon Gijinka, they're very popular - so here's a way to generate new ones, complete with themes!

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak Inc.

Your Options:
The irrational, disloyal, experienced male Gallade-morph cyborg. His wardrobe is elaborate.
The educated, charismatic, seasoned female Sharpedo-morph seer who is an outsider. She has a feminine build.
The irrational, corrupt, experienced female Zubat-morph soldier. Her wardrobe is weird.
The worldwise male Zorua-morph communications technician.
The illogical female Quilladin-morph inquisitor. Her wardrobe is complicated.
The clever, tolerant, worldwise male Shedinja-morph train engineer who is seeking a mysterious technological artifact. His wardrobe is complicated.
The addled, worldwise female Graveler-morph tactical officer. Her wardrobe is strange.
The laid-back, educated female Honchkrow-morph barbarian.
The confused, studious, seasoned male Eevee-morph psychic. His wardrobe is mysterious.
The addled, disillusioned, corrupt female Monferno-morph brigand. She has a muscular build. Her wardrobe is complicated.


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