Robot Maker

Generates profiles for anime-style robots in a variety of popular themes, which really means

  • Gundam G type theme names with a theme.
  • Millitary Style names with numbers and makes.
  • Super Robot Style names meant to be colorful.

(Mobile Suit Gundam and similar terms are registered of Studio Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment (c) 1997-2005, and are used only for stylistic reference)

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Your Options:
Cold Grizzly - This gundam is equipped with the Winter Mauling Freeze and the Ursine Ice Maul.
Typhoon Annihilator - This gundam fighter employs the Tornado Devestating Wind and the Mega Blowing Mortar.
Buccaneer M - This machine employs the Overwhelming Domination and the Surprise Nightmare Overpower.
"Shining Turtle" Unit - This war robot is armed with the L-365 Projector.
Gundam Thunder - This war robot uses the Galactic Charged Nova and the Lighting Stellar Hammer. This gundam can adsorb electrical power and is equipped to travel faster-than light.
Blaster 87 - This mobile fighter carries the V-0 Blaster and the I-560 Howitzer.
Chemo Corsair - This robot is armed with the Ravaging Burst and the Melting Ravager.
Gundam Revenant - This mobile fighter employs the Battler Shroud and the Undead Glove. This gundam fighter regenerates damage by adsorbing power from its enemies and is a terror in hand-to-hand combat.
Bowman Gundam - This robot wields the Sniper Star and the Cosmo Shot.
Death Arms - This war robot employs the Destroying Bombing Executioner and the Devestating Death Shell.
"Tricky Shooter" Unit - This fighting robot employs the Perfect Torpedo.
Cosmic Grizzly - This robot employs the Roaring Nova and the Planetary Claw.
Minuteman Rifleman - This robot employs the Point Ranged Shooter.
Sea Blaster - This robot wields the Barrage Gyser and the Submarine Mortar.
Gundam Sniper - This machine is armed with the Targeted Smiting Bullet and the Point Finger. This robot can find an opponent's weak spot and is the pinnacle of robot design.


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