Mascot Generator

Characters in the vein of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (tm) are popular in everything from use as mascots to art, to gaming characters. This generator will provide for your mascot needs!

Your Options:
Alakazam the koala - the mistrustful, orange-colored prophet.
Beryl the raven - the flirty, green-colored superhero.
Bleach the agouti - the wordy, white-colored explorer.
Camo the panda - the contemplative, orange-colored cavalryman.
Chrome the dingo - the sensitive, white-colored brawler.
Cinnamon the reindeer - the wild, orange-colored prophet.
Fire the goat - the witty, yellow-colored vagabond.
Fist the gazelle - the personable, gray-colored bodyguard.
Grappler the hamster - the aloof, white-colored superhero.
Grappler the pelican - the generous, violet-colored swashbuckler.
Gypsy the quail - the harried, black-colored wanderer.
Kult the bee - the bubbly, white-colored druidess.
Mystery the quail - the proud, black-colored pilot.
Platinum the elephant - the noble, gray-colored fighter.
Plotter the buzzard - the determined, black-colored nobleman.
Quester the mole - the antisocial, blue-colored inventor.
Racer the cuckoo - the cruel, red-colored pilot.
Sapphire the frog - the misguided, blue-colored doctor.
Solar the jaguar - the studious, orange-colored priest.
Stray the bandicoot - the noble, green-colored superhero.
Tarot the dog - the misguided, black-colored hypnotist.
Trooper the rhinocerous - the willfull, red-colored mercenary.
Tulip the gopher - the laid-back, red-colored shaman.
Wanderer the cougar - the wild, violet-colored noblewoman.
Weis the raven - the solem, white-colored guardian.


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