Mascot Generator

Characters in the vein of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (tm) are popular in everything from use as mascots to art, to gaming characters. This generator will provide for your mascot needs!

Your Options:
Brick the donkey - the bubbly, red-colored technician.
Carnelian the baboon - the willfull, orange-colored sailor.
Dodge the toad - the antisocial, orange-colored con-woman.
Force the aardwolf - the aloof, violet-colored bowman.
Garlic the goose - the foul-mouthed, yellow-colored inventor.
Gimmick the capybara - the lazy, violet-colored doctor.
Gimmick the duck - the generous, gray-colored guide.
Lapis the ocelot - the noble, blue-colored noblewoman.
Mist the porcupine - the cheerful, gray-colored warlock.
Nightfall the buzzard - the innocent, black-colored spiritualist.
Noir the lemur - the personable, black-colored entertainer.
Olive the capybara - the mysterious, green-colored gadgeteer.
Paladin the squirrel - the willfull, yellow-colored superhero.
Pitch the walrus - the silly, black-colored diviner.
Purity the sheep - the spiritual, white-colored punk rocker.
Sarge the panther - the mysterious, red-colored cavalryman.
Searphim the walrus - the lazy, white-colored priest.
Seeker the owl - the curious, red-colored smuggler.
Siege the frog - the dishonest, blue-colored guardian.
Stray the donkey - the laid-back, violet-colored hunter.
Sunflower the jaguar - the silly, yellow-colored necromancer.
Switch the jaguar - the determined, yellow-colored driver.
Taboo the cockatiel - the humorous, red-colored mage.
Topaz the frog - the friendly, orange-colored wanderer.
Whirlwind the bear - the flirty, violet-colored rockstar.


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