Love Interest Generator

A quick way to get ideas for love interests in stories and games

Inspired by the trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl and a few memes, I extended the idea of a 'four-part descriptor' and here you go . . .

Your Options:
Love Interests
Assertive Elfin Daydream Lady
Bawdy Ghost Daydream Lass
Bawdy Muse Imagination Dude
Bawdy Vampire Fantasy Lady
Captivating Phantasm Hope Valentine
Compassionate Beast Hope Boyfriend
Compassionate Changeling Paragon Girl
Cuddly Genie Delusion Dude
Cultured Merfolk Desire Girl
Fashionable Gargoyle Archetype Girl
Fashionable Gnome Wish Emperor
Hardworking Muse Ambition Wife
Humorous Devil Ambition Hero
Knowledgeable Devil Desire Wife
Loving Imp Ideal Lady
Modest Gnome Delusion Spouse
Playful Divine Archetype Paramor
Proper Deity Delusion Companion
Serious Gnome Blessing Girl
Stoic Ogre Hallucination Girl


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