Fantasy Race Generator

Descriptions of fantasy races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in their world.

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Your Options:
The delicate-looking race. They are red-skinned and have toothless mouths. They have a perfect sense of direction. They take naturally to trees. They love to encounter new species. They control a forest city-state. They are the descendents of another species.
The race of dwarves. They are famous for their ships. Their magical practices focus exclusively on water magic. They seek enlightenment. They serve a race of gods excluded from this world. Their government is a representative democracy that is corrupt. A great destiny awaits them, yet they know it not.
The race of elves. They have spines instead of hair. They avoid all kinds of magic except animal magic. They love epic poetry and sagas. They practice some forms of spiritual discipline, but some would debate if it is an actual religion. They have no country of their own, but work for other races.
The race of Werewolves. They are an all-female race. They are noted for their banks. They worship a complex pantheon of gods and goddesses. The goddess of farming is especially important to them. Their government is a theocracy that is corrupt.
The race of intelligent stingrays. They produce great road-builders. They are well-known for their canals. Their magical practices tend to focus on elemental magic. They are the descendents of gods.
The race of dwarves. They are white-skinned and red-haired. As a people, they are generally good at acrobatics. They are well-known for their rich cuisine. They turned their back on their old gods to follow newer ones. Their government is a representative democracy.
The hulking race. They have light-colored eyes. They have six legs. They are naturally psychic. In their culture, singing is a highly prized ability. They are noted for their libraries. They worship a single abstract deity who is the cause of good in the world, and who has a nemesis responsible for evil. They believe the powers that be are intimately involved in their lives. Most religious observation is ritualized and distant. Their government is extremely corrupt. Their history is unknown even to them.
The deformed race. They are gold-skinned and have only a single eye. They have an odd scent many races find attractive. They reproduce by laying eggs. Their government is a magiocracy that is non-functional. A great doom awaits them, and they are all too aware of it.
The race of Pegasus-people. Their magical practices tend to focus on illusion-creation. Their speech patterns are confusing. Their government is a democracy that is corrupt. They control a wealthy peninsula that is known for its wild weather.
The race of halflings. They are pale-skinned and purple-haired. They are naturally psychic. They serve a race of enemy gods. Their government is inefficient. They completely control a rich kingdom. A great doom awaits them, and they know it not.


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