Fantasy Race Generator

Descriptions of fantasy races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in their world.

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Your Options:
The race of elves. They are orange-haired. They are extremely agile. The only kind of magic they can do is fungus magic. They barely control a poor peninsula that has been devastated by war.
The race of Ogres. Their culture has a past of nasty religious inquisitions. They control a country that is beset by a mysterious evil.
The malformed race. They are shell-covered. They are telepathic. They practice some forms of spiritual discipline, but some would debate if it is an actual religion. They were created as part of a breeding experiment that went horribly wrong.
The monstrous-looking race. They are dark-haired and have no eyes. They can astrally project their minds. They completely control a wealthy state.
The race of elves. They have dark-colored eyes. They are noted for their rangers. Their government is extremely corrupt. They exist as servants to another race.
The race of dwarves. They are dark-haired and have gold eyes. They are noted for their magic-users. They are well-known for their schools. Their government is a representative democracy. They have no country of their own, but work for other races.
The race of elves. They are red-skinned and have light-colored eyes. They are immune to disease. They are noted for their armor. They are very proper. They barely control a poor kingdom. A great destiny awaits them, and they wait for it patiently.
The race of humans. They are white-skinned. They are famous for their archives. They are exceptionally good at summoning magic. They are unswervingly practical. They barely control a tropical country. They came from another dimension.
The colossal race. They are white-shelled, dark-haired, and have yellow eyes They take naturally to tunnels. They are bound by tradition. They are the descendents of another race.
The race of elves. They have eyes like those of an insect. They are noted for their incredible banquets and black market. They worship a single abstract deity. Their government is a bureaucracy that is non-functional. They seem to have a special purpose on the world.


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