Fantasy Race Generator

Descriptions of fantasy races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in their world.

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Your Options:
The race of halflings. They are white-skinned and have orange eyes. They are famous for their shrines. They practice ritual cannibalism of the deceased. Their government is functional.
The gigantic race. They have dark-colored eyes. When they die, they actually turn into another kind of creature. In their culture, combat is a highly prized ability. Their magical practices focus exclusively on plant magic. They worship a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The god of the sea is especially important to them. Their government is a theocracy that is extremely corrupt. They barely control an impoverished state that is known for its incredible beauty.
The malformed race. They have three arms. The species has 'subspecies' that specialize in different tasks. They reproduce quickly. Their magical practices tend to focus on ice magic. They worship a single goddess who works via assorted servants and messengers - this deity in turn has a nemesis responsible for evil in the world. They believe the powers that be are intimately involved in their lives. Most religious observation is ritualized and distant. They manage to control a desert kingdom that is known for its exotic animal life.
The race of halflings. They can withstand great damage. They have an affinity for great deserts. They are exceptionally good at sand magic. They have no defining religion, but gladly adapt those of others. They completely control a desert empire. They are a magical mutation of another race.
The race of sentient voles. They have large litters. They are exceptionally good at fire magic. They exist only as slaves.
The colossal race. They are red-haired and have large ears. They can discharge energy as a natural weapon. The they avoid all kinds of magic except water magic. Their government is a magiocracy that is inefficient.
The race of intelligent coyotes. They are noted for their seminaries. They are very xenophobic. They control a forest state.
The race of halflings. They have short lifespans. Their government is a confederacy.
The race of intelligent boars. They have an affinity for jungles. They are noted for their fine wines and armor. Their magical practices tend to focus on enchantment. Their government is entirely dysfunctional. A great destiny awaits them, yet they know it not.
The race of elves. They have cold-colored eyes. They are extremely intelligent. Their magical practices tend to focus on divination. Their government is non-functional. They control an island chain.


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