Color Generator

Colors beyond the usual spectrum we think about, with strange effects, mysterious meanings, and powerful implications.

Inspired by the The Neathbow of Fallen London as well as imaginary colors like Octarine and other authors who were prismatic pioneers.

Your Options:
Theffan - The green of remembered seaweed. Those that see this color have glimpses of the future.
Aute - The fundamental blue, and the color of hate.
Ambe - A vibrant orangeish-yellow. Used for desperate paintings.
Grou - The purple of forgetfulness and of wine served by the angry.
Uone - The red of fictional blood. Used for the truest paintings.
Pyrmen - The yellow of amber that you fear seeing.
Bolur - The blue of ideal sapphires. It's said those who are fond of this color will have a career among warriors.
Asifomsar - The universal purple. Things written on paper of this color may come to your lips even when you slumber.
Songeir - The green of ideal seaweed.
Whor - The blue of ice that has frozen the innocent. If you meet someone with eyes this color, assume everything they say is a lie.


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