Color Generator

Colors beyond the usual spectrum we think about, with strange effects, mysterious meanings, and powerful implications.

Inspired by the The Neathbow of Fallen London as well as imaginary colors like Octarine and other authors who were prismatic pioneers.

Your Options:
Kephoiw - The universal purple, and the color of insanity.
Thale - A fluorescent orangeish-red. Ink of this color requires special skills to manufacture.
Pengaspe - A light purpleish-blue. The eye color of a breed of deadly lizards.
Pabondir - The purple of the evening sky. The eye color of a breed of demonic whales.
Oniche - An iridescent green. Those that see this color relive their childhood.
Khon - A vivid orangeish-yellow. If you meet someone fond of this color, never fall in love with them.
Cestre - A vivid orangeish-red. The fur color of a breed of antisocial dogs.
Citrolde - The oldest green. Under light of this color mirrors show falsehoods.
Tinchyhe - The red of revulsion and of rediscovered autum leaves. The eye color of a breed of hostile avians.
Mebndete - The green of moss. The color of both wild ideas and of friendship.


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