Battle Aura Generator

Battle auras for anime-style characters and combats. If you're a-glowing, then it's punches you're a-throwing.

Your Options:
A dim yellow aura.
A glaring silver aura. it is like a ring encircling the manifester's body.
A epemeral yellow aura with white glows orbiting it. it is vague and amorphous.
A brilliant yellow aura with black gleams on the fringe.
A semi-transparent red aura with yellow glows orbiting it. it resembles a specific rune. when it is active, small objects hover around it indescriminately.
A flickering white aura with black blobs orbiting it. when it is active, the wielder's eyes glow with a similar color.
A faint black aura with gray streaks on the fringe. when it is active, magical artifacts behave strangely.
A radiant orange aura.
A gauzy violet aura with orange glows orbiting it.
A intense violet aura with black gleams on the fringe. it resembles a pair of angel wings. when it is active, there is a feeling of cold.
A fluctuating yellow aura with red glows in it. when it is active, the user's steps burn footprints into the surface they stand on.
A brilliant green aura. it is cube-like. when it is active, batteries are drained of power.
A blinding green aura.
A blurry yellow aura with white sparks orbiting it. when it is active, there is an audible hum.
A dim silver aura. it resembles a pair of bat wings.


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