Action Film Generator

Over-the top imaginary action film plots, done in the style of movie trailers. Of course with some films out there, these may be closer to reality than indended . . .

Your Options:
On an infernal planet of demons, two monks and a rabble-rouser quest for hope.
On a planet of barbarism and secrets, a healer attempts to avert the destruction of mankind.
In a city of insanity and necromancy, six scribes try to find love.
In a mysterious empire, in an age of enchantment, a secret agent quests for a lost artifact.
In a galaxy of enchantment and hopelessness, a fighter hopes to prevent the apocalypse.
In an empire of monsters, a virtual reality programmer searches for hope and combats a band of demons intent on on summoning an evil god.
On a crime-infested planet, a lost soul searches for revenge and fights a syndicate of mages.
In a land of lies and deception, in a time of chaos and hate, a rogue and a linguist seek an ancient treasure and battle a legion of psychics intent on stealing the source of all magic.
On a demon-haunted world, a gladiator fights lawlessness.
In an insane world of warfare, in an age of warfare and fear, a construction worker and an astrologer quest for justice.
On a forgotten planet of sin, a businessperson attempts to save a kidnapped wizard.
On a world of agony and lies, three rogues and a planetary explorer quest for hope.
In a crime-ridden city, a computer programmer quests for fame and combats an evil supercoputer.
In a terrifying city of secrets, in an age of terror, four hermits quest for the truth.
In a hellish universe, in a time of virutal reality, three fighter pilots quest for a lost treasure.


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