Action Film Generator

Over-the top imaginary action film plots, done in the style of movie trailers. Of course with some films out there, these may be closer to reality than indended . . .

Your Options:
In a crime-ridden land of mystery, six virtual reality engineers try to save the last living fertile woman.
In a kingdom of prophecy, an android fights lawlessness.
In a distant universe of illusions, a spirit and a fortune-teller quest for an ancient artifact and battle an army of aliens intent on on summoning an evil god.
In an empire of lost souls and dreams, in an age of darkness and demons, a shaman and an elementalist attempt to prevent the destruction of mankind.
In a universe of monsters and crime, in an age of death, three physicists and a heroine combat a legion of monsters.
In a world of illusions and sorcery, three aliens and a hero attempt to find the cure for a deadly disease.
In a lost empire of deception, in an age of fear, an android and a jailer try to find revenge.
In a universe of monsters and pain, in an era of death, three gladiators and a traveler quest for hope and combat crime.
On an infernal world of technology, in an age of terror, five rabble-rousers attempt to save the last living fertile woman.
On a world of barbarism and lost souls, in an age of crime, a hunter attempts to participate in the greatest fighting tournament of history.
In a land of murder and crime, in a time of computerization and lies, a professor combats crime.
In a cursed galaxy, in an age of agony, two armorers and a traveler battle lawlessness.
In a city of magic and dark magic, three prophets and a technician attempt to avert the destruction of mankind.
In a barbaric empire, in an age of deception and hopelessness, two treasure-hunters combat corrupt politicians.
In an amazing world of monsters, in an era of deception and blasphemy, three super computers and a king try to find freedom and fight crime.


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