Action Film Generator

Over-the top imaginary action film plots, done in the style of movie trailers. Of course with some films out there, these may be closer to reality than indended . . .

Your Options:
In a crime-infested universe of enchantment, in an age of blasphemy, a dutchess seeks love.
On a forgotten world of panic, six xenobiologists fight corrupt politicians.
In a universe of mysticism, an artificial intelligence and a linguist quest for the truth.
On a terrifying planet of agony, in an era of monsters, two xenoarcheologists quest for the truth.
On a godforsaken planet of ghosts, in an era of murder and hopelessness, a gigolo tries to solve the ultimate crime.
In an insane universe, eight priestesses search for vengance and battle lawlessness.
In a damned galaxy of danger, in an age of prophecy, a ranger seeks freedom.
In a lost empire of dreams, in an era of danger, an armorer and a soldier oppose evil.
On a world of suffering and agony, a lost soul combats lawlessness.
In a kingdom of horror and illusions, four fire fighters and a psychiatrist battle evil.
In a galaxy of confusion and chaos, five astronomers try to stop the destruction of mankind.
In a sinful empire, in an era of dark magic, a psychologist and a rogue try to save the last living fertile woman.
In an evil world of pain, a cyborg and an inventor seek a mystic artifact and oppose the forces of hell.
In a universe of darkness and mysticism, four princesses and a bodyguard fight terrorism.
On a world of prophecy, a robot attempts to stop the destruction of mankind.


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