The Winners for the Free-For-All Contest are . . .

The Dragon, the Goat, the Other Creatures and the Shopping Goddess by J-Gallery took the grand prize for taking a ton of results, and managing to make a picture AND a story out of it!

The Tomb of the Ghost by Mygrum was our first runner up, really put the pieces together!

Hard to Impress by Persephonie The Fish did manage to impress our judges!

Good job everyone, we had a really challenging contest and people came through!

Free-For-All Contest Entries

# Name Generator Entry
1 Blueygh2 Mascot Generator
Elf Namer
Mixed Drink Name Generator
Magic Item Generator
RPG Namer
Currency Generator
2 J_Gallery Dog Breed Generator
Legendary Creature Generator
Dragon Character Generator
Deity Generator
Sword Generator
Candy Generator
Medication Generator
Academic Magical Realm Generator
Currency Generator
Mascot generator
Race Generator
The Dragon, the Goat, the Other Creatures and the Shopping Goddess
3 Elthion Diety Generator
Evil Diety Generator
General Person Generator
Legendary Creature Generator
Magical Girl Generator
Quest Item Generator
Battle for the Gauntlet of Time
4 Mygrum Magical Knight Generator
Super Ninja Generator
Dragonling Generator
Deity Generator
Weapon Generator
Fantasy Military Unit Generator
Magic Item Generator
Quest Item Generator
Evil-Sounding Name Generator
Hero Name Generator
Weird Name Generator
Planet Name Generator
Realm Name Generator
Tavern Name Generator
Cat Being Namer
Angel/Demon Name Generator
Grimoire of Questionable Spells
Spell Generator
B-Movie Title Generator
Quick Name Generator
The Tomb of the Ghost
5 Persephonie The Fish Sword generator
Catguy generator
General person generator
Weapon generator
Room/location generator
Magical phenomena generator
Dark minion generator
Mood generator
Tavern name generator
Legendary creature generator
Fantasy race generator
Lost civilization generator
Villain generator
Hard to Impress
6 Primarch
(Takes Comissions)
Vampire Generator
Vampire Name Generator
Magic Item Generator
Adventure Site Generator
Magical Phenomena Genertor
Vampire Showdown
7 Scooterdoggies Dark Elf Name Generator
Goblin Name Generator
Quick name Generator
Dark Ritual Generator
Spell Generator
Weapon Generator
Magic Item Generator
Adventure Site Generator
Caught in the act
8 ScruffyLad Story Generator
Lost Civilization Generator
General Person Generator (twice)
Magical Knight Generator
Sword Generator
Dreamscape Sector Nine
9 Sparkyrat Dark Minion Generator
Dragonling Generator
Evil Animal Minion Generator
Humorous Monster Generator
Medication Generator
Superhero/Villain Name Generator
Wrestling Event Generator
Weekly Otherworld News
10 Sparkyrat Adventure Site Generator
Cat Being Generator
Catgirl Generator
Deity Generator
Elf Name Generator
Evil Deity Generator
Evil Name Generator
Fangirl Fantasy Generator
Fantasy Name Generator
Heroic Name Generator
Magic Item Generator
Magical Girl Generator
Magical Knight Generator
Vampire Generator
Vampire Name Generator
Survivor Extreme
11 Torint Humorous Monster Generator
Evil Deity Generator
Potion Description Generator
Outer Plane Generator
Supernatural Magazine


Date Name Generator Entry
2/1/2007 Hagge B movie title generator
Song challenge generator
Character scrambler generator
Super ninja generator
Vampire generator
Fantasy name generator
Santa Claus Conquers the Aliens

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