Date Name Generator Entry
8/5/2009 Batzarro Multiple Grail Ghostice, Damned CEO
10/11/2009 Captain Quirk Multiple Rain Hellclash, Showdown Vetrenarian
10/15/2009 Calefare Multiple Aleister Gray, Infernal Librarian
8/5/2009 Celtic Rai Multiple Biology Alchemist
9/7/2009 Chimoustar Multiple Astral Linguist
8/15/2009 Destroyer Vessel Multiple Galactic Gunslinger
10/14/2009 Ekk-the-5ith Multiple Salvage Armorer
10/09/2009 Feraldemon Multiple Forge Slaughterer
10/14/2009 Foolsmask Multiple Virginia Sundown, Rocket Rustler
10/14/2009 Fractal Inversion Multiple Astral Linguist
10/14/2009 GalaxyMoonShadow Multiple Illusion Poisoner
9/7/2009 Gmadden53 Multiple Bomb Killer
10/9/2009 Hagge Multiple Dungeon Scrounger
8/5/2009 Jermiahhansen Multiple Billy Butcher, the Death Doctor
9/15/2009 Jermiahhansen Multiple Jackal, the Dungeon Salvager
10/15/2009 Keflavik Multiple Thomas Dudley, Automata Interfacer
10/15/2009 Keflavik Multiple Emogene Dudley, Sun Captain
8/5/2009 Kingboo247 Multiple Arori Starstreak, Stellar Archer
10/9/2009 Kisaki-shattoriboshi Multiple Ghost Rustler
8/5/2009 Koori-Ookami Multiple Anti-Gravity Pirate
10/15/2009 Kriddles Multiple Emelia Forestbraid, Magical Botanist
9/1/2009 Lavabeast Multiple Blood Healer
9/7/2009 Lesleigh63 Multiple Devil Invoker
9/29/2009 Lesleigh63 Multiple Sin Invoker
10/14/2009 Lomebririon Multiple Cybernetics Necromancer
9/7/2009 liealatoto Multiple Sin Hacker
10/15/2009 LongShotLink Multiple Cowboy Knight
10/11/2009 LucidRant Multiple Legendary Detective
9/23/2009 Masterweaver Multiple Intergalactic zealot
10/9/2009 MysticCookie Multiple Quick Draw Illusionist
9/29/2009 PandaRevolution Multiple Scarlet Placebo, Medical Grenadier
8/15/2009 Payno0 Multiple Plasma Warlock
9/1/2009 Payno0 Multiple Anti-Gravity Zealot
10/9/2009 Phoenix-karenee Multiple Alien Slaughterer
9/1/2009 Ravinove Multiple Gear Terraformer
8/24/2009 Rockafellow Multiple Dream Marshal
8/24/2009 Schuttya Multiple Mechanical Shaman
10/14/2009 Shadowed Serenity Multiple Ruby Law, Cowgirl Magician
10/09/2009 Sparkyrat Multiple Dungeon Pilot
10/14/2009 Sparkyrat Multiple Grave Showgirl
9/15/2009 TheLivingDepths Multiple The Destiny Corruptor
9/7/2009 Tempestflood Multiple Vampiric Rifleman
10/15/2009 Tribblenuu Multiple Gunslinger Surgeon
8/15/2009 Youma-ghost Multiple Plague Drifter

For Fun

Date Name Generator Entry
9/1/2009 Marnekaim Multiple Mystic Programmer and Rune Cyberneticist

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