Contest Winners:

Grand Prize Winner:

  • Midnight Fate by Ledicat - An extreme name, an extreme half-dragon, and an extreme mix of grace and non-human elegance!

Runners Up:

  • Ghost Reaper by Lesatho - Had an extreme ancestry, extreme weapons, and extremely low-riding pants!
  • Jasmine Paradox by Boss Hamster - She threatened to create an extreme fanboy fantasy singularity, but got too distracted looking for the extreme Drake Legend.
Honorable Mention:
  • Commet Goddream by Rekyrem was extreme enough to get an honorable mention. He's probably going to be extremely emo now, but maybe that'll cheer him up.
  • Drake Legend is given an extreme honorable mention. Also he gets to hide down here away from Jasmine.
  • Rascal Blackwitch by Cei-Ellem is an extremely fashionable fellow, and that gets him an honorable mention.


Date Name Generator Entry
6/21/2009 Ajehy Multiple Grail Flamesinner
6/17/2009 AkumaHei Multiple Sunrise Arcane
6/17/2009 AlwaysDrm Multiple Flame Paradox
7/15/2009 AlwaysDrm Multiple Midnight Wolf
6/17/2009 Anon-E-Mouse95 Multiple Paradox Wanderer
5/14/2009 Batzarro Multiple Honor Violet
5/26/2009 b-and-d-productions Multiple Maxim Gust
7/13/2009 Bearcatt Multiple Rage Aeon
6/21/2009 Bosshamster Multiple Jasmine Paradox
5/14/2009 Bosshamster Multiple Drake Legend
7/13/2009 Captain Quirk Multiple Aeon Angeldream
7/13/2009 Captain Quirk Multiple Ivy Spiritaeon
6/8/2009 Cei-Ellem Multiple Rascal Blackwitch
6/17/2009 Cei-Ellem Multiple Griffon Killericon
5/14/2009 Cubed1 Multiple Maverick Solitaire
7/15/2009 Dakxu Multiple Arcane Dawniron
7/15/2009 Dakxu Multiple Strife Mourner
7/15/2009 DarkeAOU Multiple Rain Magus
6/21/2009 DestroyerVessel Multiple Beladonna Gunner
6/17/2009 DestroyerVessel Multiple Purity Silverqueen
6/1/2009 Devonette Multiple Eden Spiritnemesis
6/29/2009 Dragonastra Multiple Lightning Icechanter
6/29/2009 Dragonastra Multiple Jericho Ruby
6/21/2009 Ekk-The-5ifth Multiple Lore Whitemourner
7/15/2009 Ekk-The-5ifth Multiple Raven Silverhunter
6/8/2009 Elaineehkitty Multiple Arcana Ravenguard
7/13/2009 Eonridr Multiple Amber Songsin
6/8/2009 Feyuca Multiple Raven Rougehunter
7/5/2009 Foolsmask Multiple Typhoon Veil
6/17/2009 Hagge Multiple Belladonna Rouge
7/15/2009 illogictree Multiple Violet Pandemonium
5/26/2009 Greennum Multiple Grimoire Ironclash - The educated male half-Gargoyle spy living on borrowed time. His wardrobe is artistic. His non-human ancestry gives him a horribly inhuman appearance
6/29/2009 Greennum Multiple Ivy Goldcaster - The voluptuous catgirl cyborg!
5/26/2009 HCShannon Multiple Hawk Fiendreaper
7/13/2009 KaneValentine Multiple Sunset Godraven
7/13/2009 KaneValentine Multiple Jasmine Wolf
7/15/2009 Keflavik Multiple Legend Hunter
6/1/2009 Kisaki-shattoriboshi Multiple Radical Grim
6/8/2009 Kisaki-shattoriboshi Multiple Sin Rascal
5/9/2009 Kylias Multiple Mist Albion
6/21/2009 Kylias Multiple Saber Rose
5/13/2009 JermiahHansen Multiple Victor Valentine
5/24/2009 JermiahHansen Multiple Eden Starsong
6/8/2009 LadyOfTheDragons Multiple Valentine Sephiroth
6/21/2009 LadyOfTheDragons Multiple Tome Gustsoul
7/15/2009 Ledicat Multiple Midnight Fate
6/29/2009 Lesatho Multiple Ghost Reaper
6/29/2009 Lesatho Multiple Seraphim Edgeaeon
7/15/2009 Lesleigh63 Multiple Lord Violetrascal
7/12/2009 Lethe-Gray Multiple Chastity Pandemonium
7/5/2009 Liealatoto Multiple Chaos Demonreaper
6/1/2009 LucidRant Multiple Amber Strife
6/17/2009 LucidRant Multiple Axe Shadow
5/14/2009 Maverickflores Multiple Curse Steelreaper
7/12/2009 MiltonFish Multiple Veil Goddream
7/5/2009 Nightmara Multiple Tempest Dark
7/15/2009 Nightmara Multiple Furor Midnight
6/29/2009 Ojokoku Multiple Grief Guardsteel
7/15/2009 OneAleIllustrations Multiple Chastity Noblestrife
5/13/2009 persephone-the-fish Multiple Chaos Sunrise
7/13/2009 persephone-the-fish Multiple Seraph Wiseguard
7/13/2009 pPmArt Multiple Rage Claw
7/13/2009 Rekyrem Multiple Comet Goddream
7/15/2009 Rhykker Multiple Sin Claw
6/21/2009 RocMegamanX Multiple Jasmine Talon
5/26/2009 Shira-chan Multiple Sinner Zealot
5/26/2009 Shira-chan Multiple Tsunami Starhunter
5/26/2009 Sparkyrat Multiple Lightning Seraphim
5/26/2009 Sparkyrat Multiple Paradox Eternity
5/26/2009 Squidmaster64 Multiple Rogue Heartslayer
5/13/2009 SuperAshBro Multiple Midnight Rogue
5/9/2009 ViridianSoul Multiple Gunner Rose
7/5/2009 Wotwot Multiple Albion Cutlord
6/1/2009 wtd13 Multiple Veil Strife
6/17/2009 Youki-Youtenko Multiple King Arcane
5/14/2009 Youma-Ghost Multiple Tarot Ravenguard
7/5/2009 Zero Multiple Light Midnightrogue


Date Name Generator Entry
7/13/2009 Captain Quirk Multiple Harmony Gale
6/1/2009 Kisaki-shattoriboshi Multiple Blizzard Queen
6/1/2009 LucidRant Multiple Storm Ironangel
6/17/2009 DestroyerVessel Multiple Purity Silverqueen
6/29/2009 Dragonastra Multiple Arcane Gust
6/29/2009 RocMegamanX Multiple Valentine Fauna
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