Class Act Contest Entries

7aes won with the Puffin Herder, who strolled to victory, accompanied by his adorable charges!




Date Name Generator Entry
1/13/2008 7aes Wacky Class Generator Puffin Herder
1/14/2008 Aja Wacky Class Generator Hamster Kicker
1/15/2008 Al The Monkey Class/Profession Generator Ice Gambler
1/15/2008 Alaisiaga Class/Profession Generator Gear Healer
1/8/2008 Alaisiaga Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Habderdasher-Martial Artist
1/15/2008 Applescruff Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Adventurer Typist
1/15/2008 AS Lieper Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Interrogator Receptionist
12/17/2007 A Squid Called Zelda Class/Profession Generator Fighting Greasemistress
11/12/2007 Autumnvicky Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Witch Maid
1/08/2007 Autumnvicky Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Whittler Swordsman
11/8/2007 Bathy Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Plumber Ranger
11/19/2007 CabbyHat Class/Profession Generator Forgotten Gambler of the Earth Goddess
11/19/2007 CabbyHat Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Maid Mage
12/11/2007 Crusaders Underwear Class/Profession Generator Ghost Wing Peacekeeper
1/08/2008 Cubed1 Class/Profession Generator Rock Paladin
12/11/2007 Diglett42 Wacky Class Generator Whale Gatherer
1/15/2008 Doclefar Class/Profession Generator Rock Mage
12/17/2007 Ed-zed Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Florist Ninja
11/26/2007 Green Tea 13 Class/Profession Generator Pyroautomator
1/13/2008 Hagge Class/Profession Generator Ancient Archer
11/12/2007 Jakesword Class/Profession Generator Mage Bandit
11/26/2007 Jaqueline Fisher Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Shepherd/Martial Artist
11/26/2007 Jaqueline Fisher Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Archer/Waiter
1/14/2007 Jeff Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Vandal Aviator
1/14/2008 Jhata Class/Profession Generator Archer of the Empire
1/13/2008 Kaorick Class/Profession Generator Apothecary Mistress
1/14/2008 Kiubez Undermann Class/Profession Generator RivetMistress
1/15/2008 Keflavik Wacky Class Generator Crayon Warrior
1/13/2008 Keflavik Class/Profession Generator Gold Bullet Crusader
12/17/2007 Lesleigh63 Class/Profession Generator Storm Mage
12/31/2007 Lethe-Gray Wacky Class Generator Lintsmith
1/13/2008 Lomebririon Class/Profession Generator Witch Paladin
12/24/2007 Magewish4 Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Ninja-Milkmaid
12/17/2007 Man-of-Pants Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Ninja-Teacher
1/15/2008 Master Chief The Arbiter Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Ninja secretary
1/14/2007 Metaakumu Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Clown Shaman
11/26/2007 Miles Zero Class/Profession Generator Technodroid Hunter
12/3/2007 Mister-Kent Wacky Class Generator Wigmentalist
1/14/2007 Mune Sol Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Clown Magic User (Risomancer)
12/11/2007 Nami-Satu Wacky Class Generator Turtle Keeper
12/24/2007 Nendanixrael Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Duelist-Bartender
11/12/2007 Neilak20 Class/Profession Generator Clockwork Reaper
1/13/2008 Nineteen-Angels Class/Profession Generator Advanced Portal Assasin
11/8/2007 Other World Woman Class/Profession Generator Thief Of Rivers
12/24/2007 PPmart Class/Profession Generator Hacker Cracker
1/15/2008 Ranna Class/Profession Generator Alien Surgeon
12/17/2007 Ruhiana-chan Class/Profession Generator Rock Cleric
12/17/2007 Ruhiana-chan Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Conjurer Florist
12/17/2007 Shima Luan Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Manager-Enchanter
12/3/2007 Shizenko Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Ninja Maid
12/11/2007 Shizenko Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Ninja Gardener
1/08/2008 Silverhyren Class/Profession Generator Mage Knight of Winter
1/8/2007 Sleepyartisan31 Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Hobo Ninja
1/15/2008 Soundwarp SG-1 Class/Profession Generator Galaxy Programmer
12/31/2007 Sparkyrat Class/Profession Generator Great Invoker of Flame
12/11/2007 Sparkyrat Class/Profession Generator Arctic Ice Monk of Winter
12/31/2007 Swordcol5 Wacky Class Generator Dove Gladiator
1/13/2008 The Queen Of Spades Wacky Class Generator Warrior Mage
11/12/2007 TwilightPooka Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Adventurer-Washerwoman
1/13/2008 Ultimateninnie Wacky Class Generator Kitten Wreslter
1/14/2008 Ungirl3 Wacky Class Generator Orgamimancer
11/19/2007 Valiant Werewolf Class/Profession Generator Dreaming Dancer of the Harvest
11/26/2007 Valiant Werewolf Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Mime Archer
12/11/2007 Valmothg Humorous Fantasy Class Generator Salesman Soldier
12/03/2007 Zatarian Class/Profession Generator Legendary Bowman
12/24/2007 Zartes Class/Profession Generator Interfaced Cluster Assistant

For Fun:

12/11/2007 Crusaders Underwear Class/Profession Generator Roaming Archivist
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