Techno-fantasy Monster Generator

Settings mixing science fiction and fantasy are always popular - and often fun to play with! Let your imagination run wild on these deziens of worlds where magic and technology co-exist . . .

Your Options:
Alloy Revenant
Atomic Harpy
Atomic Sphinx
Automation Sprite
Circuit Gobin
Coal-Burning Nereid
Computerized Pixie
Decryption Poltergeist
Decryption Siren
Dynamo Unicorn
Engine Leviathan
Engine Troll
Hardware Vampire
Hyperlink Faun
Infrared Gargoyle
Mechanical Wraith
Metal Bogeyman
Microwave Kitsune
Nanotech Hippocampus
Particle Wight
Piston Nereid
Proton Wight
Subatomic Naiad
Upload Giant
Wireless Beast


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