Techno-fantasy Monster Generator

Settings mixing science fiction and fantasy are always popular - and often fun to play with! Let your imagination run wild on these deziens of worlds where magic and technology co-exist . . .

Your Options:
Cable Wyvern
Chemical Vampire
Fuse Titan
Hydraulic Incubus
Interfaces Gorgon
Interfaces Unicorn
Machine Specter
Magnet Spirit
Memetic Tanuki
Metal Succubus
Nanotech Cyclops
Nanotech Hobgoblin
Ohm Unicorn
Particle Bogeyman
Particle Cyclops
Robotic Zombie
Steam Triton
Subatomic Hobgoblin
Supersonic Nereid
Telecommunication Basilisk
Transmission Fairy
Upload Ghoul
Volt Changeling
Volt Titan
X-Ray Tanuki


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