Song Challenge Generator

Challenges for song writers, or ideas for describing songs in stories and games.

Your Options:
This blues song is about death and alchoholism.
This blues/classical song is about a suit and a diary.
This classical song is about guitarists and psychiatrists.
This commercial jingle/pop rock song is about a fighter pilot and a pretender.
This death metal/elevator music song is about a star and a gyroscope.
This death metal/rockabilly song is about a scribe and an ai computer.
This folk/rockabilly song is about watching television and intelligence.
This funk/elevator music song is about quantumn physics.
This glam rock song is about programming.
This gospel/rasta song is about an apple and a cucumber.
This grunge song is about life.
This hard rock song is about kings and salespersons.
This hard rock/jazz song is about churches.
This heavy metal/hair metal song is about abbeys.
This industrial song is about abstinence.
This lounge/big band song is about wisdom and anger.
This merengue/hard rock song is about daffodils.
This power metal/death metal song is about a space hitchiker.
This power metal/rockabilly song is about a grandfather clock.
This power metal/soul song is about toothbrushs.
This psychedelic/speed metal song is about car racing.
This rockabilly song is about science.
This ska song is about a videotape.
This surf/glam rock song is about elves.
This techno/glam rock song is about boating.


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