Song Challenge Generator

Challenges for song writers, or ideas for describing songs in stories and games.

Your Options:
This big band/hip-hop song is about mysticism.
This bluegrass/industrial song is about monks and advertising executives.
This blues/speed metal song is about a string and a calculator.
This commercial jingle/hard rock song is about a restraunt.
This commercial jingle/speed metal song is about a psychologist.
This country song is about swimming.
This country/bluegrass song is about diamonds.
This funk song is about a truss.
This funk/hard rock song is about a schoolbook.
This heavy metal song is about scientists.
This hip-hop song is about a daycare employee.
This house song is about puddings and chocolates.
This jazz/power metal song is about a police chief and a bowman.
This lounge song is about a starship navigator.
This lounge song is about shotguns.
This merengue song is about swimming and desire.
This power metal song is about disorder.
This power metal/death metal song is about gaming and walking.
This punk song is about running and alchoholism.
This rap/experimental song is about dancers.
This speed metal song is about rivers and tents.
This surf/industrial song is about falling and illness.
This surf/speed metal song is about a sock.
This trance/heavy metal song is about blinking.
This world music/pop rock song is about astronauts.


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