Plot Twist Generator

Plot twists, to give you new ideas for inspiration, or to just mess with your audience.

Your Options:
A character is revealed to be a different person than thought.
In order to fulfill their goals, a character must betray their true love - and they can't bring themselves to do it.
It's revealed that everything that is happening is all a game played by higher powers.
Because of a magical disaster, a character is revealed to have a crippling irrational belief.
Because of an economic disaster, a character is revealed to have unexpected skills.
The protagonist's believes their life has changed for the strange - this turns out to be this is correct
We discover that, once a specific name is analyzed, that a character is exactly who they seem to be - despite evidence to the contrary.
We discover that, thanks to a drunken discussion, that everything is exactly what it seems - despite evidence to the contrary.
The protagonist is shown to have a paranoid fear, this is revealed by the alternate antagonist.
At the start of the story a document is introduced - and of course it is used by the story's end.


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