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Your Options:
A character will prepare for a birthday. A character becomes optomistic during the story.
A character kills someone, but the intention behind the action is not what it seems.
The story is set during a religious ceremony. The story takes place a thousand years in the past.
The story must have an ogre in it.
The story must have a dancer in it.
A character lends someone money. A character is questioning throughout most of the story. The story must have a noble in it. The story must involve a formal outfit in it. During the story, there is a birth.
A character gets a new hairstyle, and they aren't happy with it.
The story is set in a museum. The story must have a sailor involved in the middle. The story must involve a quiver of arrows in it.
A character borrows money, but the action turns into something else. A character becomes sad during the story. During the story, a character is involved in a legal dispute.
The story must have an assistant at the end. The story must involve a quilt in it.


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