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This story takes place in a magical dimension. In it, a weak plumber has a chance meeting with a disorganized salesperson. What starts as mutual respect soon turns into infatuation - all thanks to a misunderstanding.
In this story, a miner who plans to exploit another world falls madly in love with an unethical surgeon - all thanks to a birthday preparation.
In this story, a disloyal CEO falls passionately in love with a clone who is more than meets the eye - all thanks to the revelation of a dark secret.
In this story, a miserable network engineer falls passionately in love with a media technician from a good family.
This story starts in a port city in Eurasia. In it, a prostitute on an important journey through time falls in love with an intelligent dungeon delver.
In this story, a boring manager moves in with a burnt-out hermit. What starts as dislike unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair.
This story starts in a planetary theocracy in an interplanetary imperium. In it, a stingy priest attends a social event and meets a construction worker who is estranged from his/her race. What starts as detachment becomes infatuation. Yet, how can an education tear them apart?
In this story, a strong salesperson hires a prince who has annoyed the gods. What starts as confusion soon turns into love - all thanks to an argument. It seems a fire fighter will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a worldwise servant crosses paths with a nostalgic school teacher. What starts as friendship becomes a passionate affair.
In this story, a sadistic secret agent has a chance meeting with a musician who was genetically engineered. What starts as hate unexpectedly turns into true love. Yet, how can a psychiatrist who is dependent on medication tear them apart?


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