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This story starts in a museum. In it, a pious corporate official falls madly in love with a crazy video game addict - all thanks to a flashback.
In this story, a rat-catcher escpaing the past is forced to live with a wily secret agent. What starts as confusion quickly becomes true love.
In this story, a media personality on an important journey through space hires a detached police chief. What starts as loathing unexpectedly turns into infatuation.
This story takes place in an intergalactic theocracy. In it, a scatterbrained psychiatrist attends a professional event and meets a computer programmer who was victimized by an artificial intelligence. What starts as disgust quickly becomes a passionate affair. It seems a investor will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a rocky kingdom on our world in a new magical age. In it, a mutant who is seeking to return to his/her homeworld ends up on the run with a mysterious barber. What starts as detachment unexpectedly turns into true love - all thanks to the discovery of a long-lost friend.
This story starts in a solar-system-spanning theocracy. In it, an odd electrician is introduced to a duchess who is cursed with bad luck. What starts as professional courtesy quickly becomes true love.
In this story, an obsessive chemical engineer hires a first officer who is more than meets the eye. What starts as a one-night stand becomes love. Yet, how can a holiday celebration tear them apart?
In this story, an educated student meets a CFO from an ancient race. What starts as a professional relationship unexpectedly turns into love - all thanks to travel. What role will somebody breaking something important play in their relationship?
This story takes place in a small nation on a sunless planet. In it, a quiet scientist crosses paths with a spendthrift herbologist. What starts as contempt quickly becomes obsessive love.
This story starts on an inside-out world with the sun and inhabitants on the inside. In it, an attractive king ends up on the run with a coachman who is considered the best in his/her profession. What starts as a one-night stand becomes obsessive love. Yet, how can the passing of a test tear them apart?


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