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This story starts in an outpost on an icy planet. In it, an unbalanced media personality is in love with a composed hero - all thanks to an inheritance.
In this story, an opinionated peasant falls in love with an assistant who hopes to be the best in his/her profession - all thanks to a murder. It seems someone reading a diary will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a galaxy of magic. In it, a cruel magician falls madly in love with a rascal who is estranged nobility.
This story starts in a tourist town on a tropical planet. In it, a priest infected with nanites falls passionately in love with a disorganized electrician.
This story starts on a frozen planet. In it, an inventor who secretly worships forbidden gods has a chance meeting with a hypocritical cleric. What starts as a professional relationship becomes true love - all thanks to a wedding.
In this story, a newscaster on the wrong side of the law falls passionately in love with a craven manager. What role will a militant assassin play in their relationship?
In this story, a tired movie reviewer falls madly in love with a space fighter who possesses a strange map - all thanks to someone wakes up.
In this story, a moralistic professor falls in love with a movie producer searching for employment. Yet, how can a naive performance artist tear them apart?
This story takes place in a magical universe. In it, a park ranger with a chemical dependency falls in love with a dissatisfied smuggler. It seems a jailer who suffers from a chronic medical condition will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a joyful bounty hunter attends a religious event and meets a miner from nowhere. What starts as loathing quickly becomes true love - all thanks to a death. Yet, how can a xenomedical expert tear them apart?


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