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In this story, a planetologist who is considered the worst in his/her profession is in love with a tolerant hermit - all thanks to someone losing a job.
This story starts in a tourist town in Africa. In it, a clever project manager is in love with a computer programmer who is easily affected by magic. What role will a shopping trip play in their relationship?
This story starts in a village in North America. In it, a beastmaster with unexpected depths falls passionately in love with a predictable astronaut. What role will a professor play in their relationship?
This story takes place in a ghost town on an arid world. In it, a posturing park ranger attends a religious event and meets a worldwise detective. What starts as carnal interest soon turns into a passionate affair.
This story starts in an intergalactic imperium. In it, a plucky conjurer falls in love with a first contact specialist with a strange rapport with non-humans.
This story starts aboard a space station used for aboard a space station used for in an orbital spaceport. In it, a spy with a peculiar affinity for magic is fixed up with an opinionated druid. What starts as friendship unexpectedly turns into obsessive love.
This story takes place in a church. In it, a jock who is a complete fraud is in love with a contemplative physicist.
In this story, a generous comic is forced to work with a druid who has rare occult knowledge. What starts as dislike quickly becomes a passionate affair.
In this story, a studious jock becomes infatuated with a clinging baseball player.
In this story, a bloodthirsty conjurer goes on a blind date with a linguist with unexpected depths. What starts as detachment becomes true love - all thanks to the discovery of a lost item. What role will an explorer play in their relationship?


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