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In this story, a cartographer with strange powers that only work when emotionally agitated is forced to live with a wise physicist. What starts as curiosity quickly becomes infatuation. Yet, how can a surgery tear them apart?
This story starts in a world-spanning nation on a post-apocalyptic planet. In it, a medical technician whose dwelling is haunted is in love with a mature beggar.
This story starts in a manufacturing city. In it, a contemplative coach falls madly in love with a self-righteous businessperson - all thanks to a quest. It seems an assistant will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a tourist town. In it, a gladiator who is estranged from family members is in love with a cute priest - all thanks to a deception.
In this story, an alchemist from an unusual family line falls passionately in love with an artistic seer - all thanks to temptation. It seems an accident while traveling will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a solar-system-spanning nation. In it, a detached chemist falls in love with a rogue with unexpected depths - all thanks to a discovery.
In this story, a stylist who wields an unusual artifact crosses paths with a driven psychiatrist. What starts as a professional relationship soon turns into true love - all thanks to an alienation. What role will an apocalyptic event play in their relationship?
In this story, an organized bandit meets a wistful psychologist. What starts as mutual respect soon turns into true love. Yet, how can a blacksmith who is the last member of his/her race tear them apart?
This story starts in a military town. In it, a daycare employee who is an outsider attends a religious event and meets an ethical clerk. What starts as indifference becomes true love. What role will a repairman searching for employment play in their relationship?
This story takes place in a store in a magical police state. In it, a seasoned performance artist falls in love with a stressed zookeeper.


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