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In this story, a peaceful zookeeper is in love with a secretary who plans to exploit another world - all thanks to someone getting lost. Yet, how can a premonition tear them apart?
This story takes place in a village in the Antarctic. In it, a marine haunted by flashbacks falls in love with a rebellious clerk - all thanks to a keepsake.
This story takes place in an alchemist's laboratory in a hamlet. In it, a nihilistic singer works with a peaceful librarian. What starts as dislike soon turns into love. It seems a school teacher will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in an outpost in the Arctic. In it, a materialistic linguist accidentally runs into a corporate official who suffers from a chronic medical condition. What starts as friendship quickly becomes true love.
This story takes place in a solar-system-spanning commonwealth. In it, a barbarian from an unusual family line is forced to work with an awestruck gym teacher. What starts as contempt becomes a passionate affair - all thanks to a political conflict. What role will spying play in their relationship?
In this story, an absent-minded media personality gets a job with a detective with demonic blood. What starts as detachment soon turns into true love - all thanks to someone reading a book. What role will the discovery of a lost item play in their relationship?
This story takes place in an interplanetary confederation. In it, a selfless official falls in love with a plain stylist.
In this story, a generous astronomer is introduced to a treasure-hunter haunted by dark memories. What starts as dislike soon turns into true love.
This story starts in a hotel in an ancient nation. In it, a construction worker who was blessed by the gods becomes infatuated with a vocal scientist.
In this story, a druid whose species has odd reproductive habits becomes infatuated with an apathetic boatman - all thanks to a massacre. What role will someone borrowing money play in their relationship?


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