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This story takes place in an interplanetary confederation. In it, an intuitive traveler becomes infatuated with a pedlar who lost meaning in life - all thanks to a miscommunication.
This story starts in Monaco City. In it, a wily businessperson becomes infatuated with a chaste marine - all thanks to destruction.
In this story, a worldwise thief attends a religious event and meets a disorganized broadcaster. What starts as loathing quickly becomes infatuation - all thanks to an engagement. Yet, how can a scribe tear them apart?
This story takes place in an interplanetary nation. In it, an archaeologist who was exiled to another world accidentally runs into a strong video game addict. What starts as a one-night stand soon turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to the taking of a test.
In this story, a wistful tomb-robber is in love with an astronaut hiding a dark secret - all thanks to temptation.
In this story, a boring astronaut becomes infatuated with a shaman who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly - all thanks to the making of a meal. Yet, how can an unambitious explorer tear them apart?
In this story, a midwife with a dark past is forced to live with a romantic archaeologist. What starts as hate becomes true love.
This story starts in a bank. In it, a weak-willed teacher is in love with a conformist pedlar. What role will someone discovering a report about themselves play in their relationship?
This story takes place in a funeral home in a large city. In it, a bard with non-human ancestry falls in love with a persuasive farmer.
In this story, a clinging project manager falls in love with a king looking for a challenge - all thanks to spying.


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