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In this story, a fire fighter who is part of a secret society becomes infatuated with a selfless fire fighter.
In this story, a baseball player who is more than meets the eye goes on a blind date with a nimble wizard. What starts as a professional relationship quickly becomes true love. It seems a botanist will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a village on a prairie planet. In it, an attractive terrorist accidentally runs into a philanthropist who seems insane. What starts as friendship quickly becomes obsessive love. Yet, how can an uncreative king tear them apart?
In this story, a starship communications officer who is considered the worst in his/her profession attends a social event and meets a crippled stockbroker. What starts as curiosity unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair.
In this story, a cleric trapped by the past is in love with a driven psychologist - all thanks to a holiday preparation.
This story starts in an intergalactic imperium. In it, an athletic secret agent falls madly in love with a pompous policeman - all thanks to an insight.
In this story, a nurse with a knack for trouble is introduced to an inexperienced surgeon. What starts as obligation soon turns into obsessive love - all thanks to a religious ceremony.
This story starts on a volcanic world where magic is part of everyday life. In it, an immature circuit priest falls passionately in love with a wanderer addicted to virtual reality - all thanks to a theft.
In this story, a bigoted construction worker falls passionately in love with a noble who tragically misunderstood an alien custom - all thanks to an addiction.
In this story, a paranoid duke becomes infatuated with a smooth nuclear engineer - all thanks to the making of a meal. Yet, how can a withdrawn salesperson tear them apart?


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