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This story starts in an automotive plant in a manufacturing city. In it, a student who is fighting an alien occupation force is in love with an aloof elementalist. It seems a performance will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a pretender searching for a lost friend falls in love with a sloppy bard - all thanks to a theft.
This story takes place in an interplanetary nation. In it, a boastful queen goes on a blind date with a spiritual monk. What starts as carnal interest unexpectedly turns into obsessive love.
In this story, a bookstore owner whose family line was magically enhanced falls madly in love with a militant terrorist.
This story starts in a galaxy of magic. In it, an infamous duke becomes infatuated with a logical scuba diver - all thanks to a keepsake. It seems a prostitute who has annoyed the gods will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a world-spanning nation on a war-scarred planet. In it, a hunter who has a divine connection is in love with a crazy college student. Yet, how can a lawman whose body was infected by an alien seeking to reproduce tear them apart?
This story starts on an arctic planet in an interplanetary technocracy. In it, a religious healer works with a starship security officer living on borrowed time. What starts as contempt becomes infatuation. What role will someone reading a diary play in their relationship?
This story takes place in an intergalactic commonwealth. In it, an unbalanced knight moves in with a dungeon delver with non-human ancestry. What starts as obligation unexpectedly turns into obsessive love - all thanks to someone being slandered.
In this story, a chief starship engineer on the run from the law works with a noisy shaman. What starts as curiosity soon turns into love. Yet, how can a religious ceremony tear them apart?
This story starts in a mine in a metropolis. In it, an organized chemist is forced to live with an archer in love with an artificial life form. What starts as a one-night stand quickly becomes a passionate affair. It seems an archivist will bring them even closer together.


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