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This story starts in a large city in Europe. In it, a thief who was exiled to another dimension becomes infatuated with a misunderstood anthropologist.
In this story, an intelligent stockbroker hires a hateful wizard. What starts as indifference quickly becomes true love.
This story starts in an unholy police state on a volcanic world that has all but forgotten its magical past. In it, an innocent football player is forced to live with an exorcist with a large fortune. What starts as disgust quickly becomes obsessive love. What role will a demotion play in their relationship?
In this story, an archaeologist who loves children meets a lazy priest. What starts as disgust soon turns into a passionate affair. Yet, how can someone being slandered tear them apart?
This story starts in an adventurer's guild in a sunless empire. In it, a philandering car salesman goes on a blind date with a stockbroker who is easily affected by magic. What starts as confusion unexpectedly turns into obsessive love - all thanks to the failure at a test.
This story starts in a large city in North America. In it, a nihilistic prospector falls in love with a happy witch-hunter. Yet, how can growth tear them apart?
This story starts in a village on an arctic planet. In it, an eccentric miner falls passionately in love with an atheistic poet.
This story starts on a shadowy planet in a solar-system-spanning empire. In it, a fortune-teller looking for love falls in love with a joyful rat-catcher. What role will the discovery of a long-lost relative play in their relationship?
In this story, a heroine needing a friend accidentally runs into a funny secret agent. What starts as friendship soon turns into true love. What role will a champion play in their relationship?
This story starts in a town on a war-scarred planet. In it, an inexperienced college student attends a religious event and meets an unremarkable herbologist. What starts as dislike soon turns into love.


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