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This story takes place on a mountainous planet in an interplanetary technocracy. In it, a disloyal botanist becomes infatuated with an airline pilot who is fighting an alien occupation force.
This story starts in a small city on a toxic planet. In it, a laborer escpaing the past falls in love with a just daycare employee.
In this story, a committed student ends up on the run with a social astrologer. What starts as detachment quickly becomes true love.
In this story, a romantic poet works with a bandit needing a friend. What starts as a professional relationship soon turns into obsessive love.
In this story, a noisy assassin falls in love with a willful priest.
This story starts in a tourist town. In it, an amiable performance artist falls passionately in love with a CIO who is the last member of his/her race. It seems a misunderstanding will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a military town in a magical dimension. In it, a snide manager falls in love with a biased chemical engineer.
This story starts in a war-torn land. In it, a misunderstood scientist moves in with a shaman with a large fortune. What starts as a one-night stand quickly becomes infatuation.
This story takes place in a high school. In it, a novelist from nowhere runs into a humble mercenary. What starts as hate becomes true love.
In this story, a combative monk falls madly in love with a reporter with little money.


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