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In this story, a psychiatrist on the run from the law accidentally runs into a misunderstood prince. What starts as mutual respect becomes infatuation.
In this story, a noisy healer falls in love with a police chief who is heir to a kingdom - all thanks to a trial.
This story takes place in a marketplace in a city-state. In it, a realistic bard falls madly in love with a laid-back tomb-robber - all thanks to a lecture.
This story starts in a farmhouse in a tropical nation. In it, a miserable physicist becomes infatuated with an unhealthy fortune-teller.
In this story, a magician with an unexpected destiny falls madly in love with a tireless wizard. What role will someone giving a test play in their relationship?
This story starts in a grocery store in Geneva. In it, a barber addicted to an otherworldly drug falls madly in love with a delusional salesperson - all thanks to a miscommunication.
This story starts in an intergalactic imperium. In it, a hermit who is from a parallel universe falls in love with a clumsy musician.
In this story, an atheistic zookeeper is fixed up with a sarcastic environmentalist. What starts as obligation soon turns into true love - all thanks to an infiltration. It seems a joke will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a port city. In it, a dancer who has an odd way of speaking falls in love with a domineering demonologist. What role will someone taking a bath play in their relationship?
In this story, a clever corporate official falls passionately in love with a linguist addicted to virtual reality.


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