Need a story idea with symbolism? This is the place to come! Plots, stories, and concepts related to all sorts of symbolic possibilites are waiting for you!

Your Options:
The action-packed story where the levels of hell map to the sixty-four non-Trump Tarot cards.
The allegorical story where the locations map to the sixteen personalites of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Inventory).
The comedic fantasy story where the character evolution maps to Japanese Gods.
The dark story set in a world where the different professions map to the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism-Christianity-Islam).
The dramatic coming-of-age story where the characters map to creatures of Egyptian mythology.
The dramatic story where the moral codes map to the seven astrological planets(Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn).
The fantasy story where the races map to The Five Books of the Torah (Genesis-Exodus-Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy).
The hospital story where each patient maps to the five Chinese Elements (water-wood-fire-earth-metal).
The light-hearted story about time travellers where the characters map to the five oceans of Earth (Arctic-Atlantic-Indian-Pacific-Southern).
The psychological story where the megacorporations map to the twenty-four hours of the day.
The puzzle/mystery story where each challenge maps to the thirty-six dramatic situations of literature.
The romantic story where the locations map to the eighteen Bronze Monks of Shaolin from Chinese legend.
The screwball comedy story about spies where the characters map to kinds of plants.
The slice-of-life story about priests where the characters map to the Ten Commandments.
The story about preachers where the characters map to the three energies of Taoist internal alchemy (Spirit-Vitality-Essence).
The story about technicians where the major plot twists map to the four suits of Tarot Cards (disks-cups-swords-rods).
The story set in a world where the crimes recognized by the legal system map to the five tastes (sweet-salty-sour-bitter-savory).
The story taking place in a town where the sections map to the twenty letters of the Druidic Alphabet.
The story where the diseases map to the four forces of Taoist internal alchemy (Void-Spirit-Vitality-Essence).
The story where the heavenly bodies map to the six Buddist realms of incarnation (hell-hungry ghosts-animals-humans-angry gods-gods).


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