Need a story idea with symbolism? This is the place to come! Plots, stories, and concepts related to all sorts of symbolic possibilites are waiting for you!

Your Options:
The action-packed story where the character evolution maps to the nine circles of heaven in the Divine Comedy: Paradiso.
The action-packed story where the organizations map to the seventy-eight tarot cards.
The allegorical steampunk story where the major plot twists map to the three secondary colors (orange-green-purple).
The allegorical story set in a world where the punishments for crime map to the Eight Levels of conciousness (Leary).
The crime drama where each crime maps to the twenty-seven books of the New Testament.
The epic story where the character relationships map to the three energies of Taoist internal alchemy (Spirit-Vitality-Essence).
The fantasy story where the locations map to kinds of animals.
The light-hearted crime story where the characters' deaths map to the three primary colors (red-yellow-blue).
The martial arts story where each martial arts style maps to the twelve labors of Hercules.
The philosophical story where the character evolution maps to the four court cards of the Tarot (Kings-Queens-Knights-Pages).
The post-apocalyptic story where the characters' deaths map to the seven astrological planets(Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn).
The romantic story where the moral codes map to the twenty-four letters of the Greek alphabet.
The story about anthropomorphic animals where the characters map to the six Biblical days of creation.
The story about dinosaurs where the characters map to the twenty-four Norse Runes.
The story about kids where the characters map to the three elements of the Holy Trinity.
The story about soldiers where the characters map to the twelve months of a year.
The story taking place in a town where the sections map to the four rules of math (addition-subtraction-multiplication-division).
The story where the major roadways map to the Archangels of the Four Corners (Michael-Raphael-Gabriel-Uriel).
The story where the worlds of the afterlife map to the duality of body and mind.
The swashbuckling story where the religions map to the four parts of a day (night-morning-afternoon-evening).


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