Need a story idea with symbolism? This is the place to come! Plots, stories, and concepts related to all sorts of symbolic possibilites are waiting for you!

Your Options:
The action-packed story set in a world where the different professions map to the elements of the periodic table.
The comedic story about writers where the characters map to the thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry.
The dramatic story where the main character moods map to specific stars.
The light-hearted story about gargoyles where the characters map to the three parts of the Fruedian personality (id-ego-superergo).
The road trip story where each destination maps to the thirty-eight slots of a Roulette wheel.
The screwball comedy story where the countries map to the seven colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV).
The slice-of-life cyberpunk story where the character relationships map to the forty numbered Tarot cards.
The story about occultists where the chapters map to the five evils of Sikhism (lust-rage-greed-attachment-ego).
The story about occultists where the main character moods map to Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.
The story about quartermasters where the characters map to the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.
The story about space hitchikers where the characters map to kinds of spices.
The story about tactical officers where the characters' deaths map to the four canonical Christian Gospels (Matthew-Mark-Luke-John).
The story where major magical artifacts map to the Eight Levels of conciousness (Leary).
The story where the moral codes map to the four parts of a day (night-morning-afternoon-evening).
The story where the planets map to the four ages of Man created by Ovid (Golden-Silver-Bronze-Iron).
The story where the professions map to the four court cards of the Tarot (Kings-Queens-Knights-Pages).
The story where the spacecraft map to creatures of Egyptian mythology.
The story where the spacecraft map to the three gems of Buddhism.
The time travel story where each time visited maps to the four fundamental forces (electromagentism-gravity-weak nuclear force-strong nucelar force).
The western story where the characters' births map to the five oceans of Earth (Arctic-Atlantic-Indian-Pacific-Southern).


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