Need a story idea with symbolism? This is the place to come! Plots, stories, and concepts related to all sorts of symbolic possibilites are waiting for you!

Your Options:
The action-packed story where the chapters map to the four rules of math (addition-subtraction-multiplication-division).
The comedic fantasy story where the characters' deaths map to the seven astrological planets(Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn).
The light-hearted story where the main character moods map to the three secondary colors (orange-green-purple).
The monster trainer story where the kinds of monsters map to the four canonical Christian Gospels (Matthew-Mark-Luke-John).
The science fiction story where the alien species map to the four fundamental forces (electromagentism-gravity-weak nuclear force-strong nucelar force).
The screwball comedy horror story where the characters map to the sixteen geomantic symbols.
The screwball comedy story where the characters' deaths map to the four humors (blood-yellow bile-black bile-phlegm).
The slice-of-life story where the towns map to the three energies of Taoist internal alchemy (Spirit-Vitality-Essence).
The story about communications officers where the characters map to the twelve master grades (dan) of judo.
The story about monster trainers where the characters map to creatures of Egyptian mythology.
The story about rabble-rousers where the characters map to the ten Avatars of Vishnu.
The story about vampires where the major plot twists map to the eighteen Bronze Monks of Shaolin from Chinese legend.
The story set in a world where the crimes recognized by the legal system map to yin and yang.
The story where the continents map to the four rules of math (addition-subtraction-multiplication-division).
The story where the diseases map to kinds of spices.
The story where the major buildings map to the knights of the Round Table.
The story where the organizations map to the seven basic literary plots.
The story where the space colonies map to the Seven Virtues (chastity-moderation-liberality-charity-meekness-zeal-humility).
The swashbuckling story where the characters' births map to the six tastes in Indian Medicine (sweet-sour-salty-bitter-pungent-astringent).
The underworld adventure where each level of descent maps to the three kinds of life (flora-fauna-mycotia).


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