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Need a story idea with symbolism? This is the place to come! Plots, stories, and concepts related to all sorts of symbolic possibilites are waiting for you!

Your Options:
The action-packed horror story where the main character moods map to the nine planets in our solar system.
The action-packed story where the countries map to the thirty-six righteous people (Tzadikim) of Jewish legend.
The allegorical story about communications officers where the characters map to the six primary emotions (sadness-happiness-anger-fear-disgust-surprise).
The allegorical story where the characters map to the sixteen Minor Arcana of the tarot.
The allegorical western story where the characters map to the eighteen books of the Mahabharta.
The crime drama where each crime maps to the twenty letters of the Druidic Alphabet.
The dark spy story where the characters' births map to the three elements of the Holy Trinity.
The detective story where the chapters map to the four court cards of the Tarot (Kings-Queens-Knights-Pages).
The dramatic story about occultists where the characters map to the five Chinese Elements (water-wood-fire-earth-metal).
The epic story taking place in a town where the sections map to The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.
The epic story where the characters' deaths map to the twenty-seven books of the New Testament.
The harem anime-type story where each love interest maps to the six Biblical days of creation.
The light-hearted story where the locations map to the twelve months of the year.
The monster trainer story where the kinds of monsters map to the twelve months of a year.
The philosophical story about kids where the characters map to the four seasons (spring-summer-autumn-winter).
The screwball comedy story about necromancers where the characters map to Aztec Gods.
The story about astrologers where the locations map to the Eight Days of Hanukkah.
The story about cartographers where the characters map to the eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita.
The story about fortune-tellers where the character relationships map to the thirty-eight slots of a Roulette wheel.
The story where the artistic styles map to creatures of Norse mythology.


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