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Your Options:
This Bluegrass song is about Athos (The Three Musketeers).
This Bluegrass song is about Wedge Antilles (Star Wars) and a rutbega.
This Blues song is about Arrested Development.
This Commercial Jingle/Jazz song is about Gen. Mike Rodgers (Tom Clancy's Ops Center).
This Death Metal/Psychedelic song is about Child's Play.
This Hair Metal song is about the cast of 24 as dungeon delvers.
This Heavy Metal/Commercial Jingle song is about Castille (Phantom Brave).
This Punk/Death Metal song is about Golden Girls.
This R & B/Psychedelic song is about Herr Flick ('Allo 'Allo) going to a bar with a chemical engineer.
This R & B/Techno song is about Big O.
This Rap song is about The Thomas Crown Affair.
This Rap/Speed Metal song is about The Silmarillion.
This Rockabilly/Heavy Metal song is about Vengeance in Before Night Falls.
This Speed Metal song is about the cast of A Knight's Tale and dolls.
This Trance/Gospel song is about Hugh of Borg (ST:TNG) as a stellar cartographer.


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