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Your Options:
This Big Band song is about The Graduate.
This Bluegrass/Techno song is about Peregrin Took (LotR) fishing with a hermit.
This Country/House song is about the cast of A Mighty Wind and a slinky.
This Disco song is about Al Calavicci (Quantum Leap) as an acrobat.
This Hair Metal song is about Rupert Giles (Buffy) working with Jilly (Newford stories).
This Industrial song is about Bayliss (Homicide) and a nail file.
This Industrial song is about the cast of Apocalypse Now remapped to the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati.
This J-Pop song is about the cast of The Pretender and a shoe.
This Merengue/Death Metal song is about Surgery in Shooting Fish.
This Power Metal/Blues song is about the cast of Twelve Angry Men and a pinapple.
This Rockabilly song is about the cast of Dirk Gently fishing with the cast of Blackadder II.
This Soft Rock song is about Watership Down.
This Surf song is about Zoology in The Birdcage.
This Trance song is about Lorelei Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) meeting Aravis (The Chronicles of Narnia).
This World Music song is about Kay (Once and Future King) and crowns.


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