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Your Options:
This Big Band/Merengue song is about Donnie Darko.
This Commercial Jingle/R & B song is about Mariel (Mariel of Redwall) mudrwrestling with an assistant.
This Death Metal song is about the cast of Law & Order as police chiefs.
This Disco song is about the cast of Tru Calling and a rock.
This Glam Rock/Hip-Hop song is about Gil Grissom (CSI) traveling with a healer.
This Hip-Hop/Folk song is about When Harry Met Sally.
This Industrial song is about the cast of Nightmare Before Christmas and crystal balls.
This Industrial/Merengue song is about Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker's Guide).
This Power Metal song is about Nicholas D. Wolfwood) randomly destroying things with a champion.
This Psychedelic song is about Generation X.
This Psychedelic/Rockabilly song is about Megan (My Little Ponies) and a tweezer.
This Rockabilly/Big Band song is about Illuminati University.
This Rockabilly/Disco song is about Verin Mathwin (Wheel of Time) having a debate with Chamberlain Yanagisawa (Sano Ichiro series).
This Rockabilly/Soul song is about Kermit the Frog (Muppets) and dies.
This Trance/Rockabilly song is about Drawing in Raffles.


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