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Your Options:
This Blues song is about Clueless.
This Classical song is about Law in Troy.
This Death Metal song is about Emperor Cartagia (Babylon 5) playing cards with Orko.
This Death Metal/Disco song is about the cast of Hellsing and wishbones.
This Death Metal/Jazz song is about Chocolat.
This Death Metal/World Music song is about Cassandra Cain (Batman) going to the store with Kowalski (SG-1).
This Experimental song is about Dating in Revolutionary Girl Utena.
This Gospel/Hair Metal song is about Silent Bob and a shower cap.
This Industrial/Speed Metal song is about Queer Duck (Queer Duck) as a traitor.
This Merengue/Hip-Hop song is about the cast of Law & Order:Criminal Intent and a puddle.
This Merengue/Rockabilly song is about the cast of Magic's Pawn comparing notes with the cast of Homestar Runner.
This R & B song is about Running Man (Intellivision) traveling with a politician.
This Soft Rock song is about the cast of The Family Guy and diapers.
This Speed Metal song is about Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter) vacationing with a marine.
This Trance song is about Ambition in Attack of the Clones.


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