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Your Options:
This Bluegrass song is about Dukes of Hazzard.
This Death Metal/Experimental song is about Tru Davies (Tru Calling).
This Glam Rock/Gospel song is about Ocean's Eleven.
This Hard Rock/Bluegrass song is about Carol Danvers (Avengers) as an arch-druid.
This Heavy Metal/Death Metal song is about Serafinna Pekkalla (His Dark Materials) and trusss.
This Hip-Hop song is about History in Jake 2.0.
This Industrial song is about the cast of Final Fantasy VII as midwifes.
This J-Pop/Big Band song is about the cast of Last Samurai and a cow bell.
This J-Pop/Elevator Music song is about Mara Jade (Star Wars extended universe).
This J-Pop/Experimental song is about Theoden (Lord of the Rings) traveling with Galadriel (Lord of the Rings).
This Pop Rock song is about Pikachu.
This Punk/Disco song is about Turlough (Doctor Who).
This Rap/Trance song is about the cast of Thundercats going out for a night on the town with the cast of Someday's Dreamers.
This Salsa song is about Arcadia.
This Trance/Rasta song is about Boating in Astroboy.


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