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This fanfic is about Andre Marek (Timeline) as a marine in South Park.
This fanfic is about Dragon (Shrek) fighting the cast of 10 Things I Hate About You with an army of revolutionaries.
This fanfic is about Io (Greek mythology) protesting with Lt. Saavik (ST) at Fraggle Rock.
This fanfic is about Polly Perkins (Sky Captain) fighting Shinoori Aoshi (Kenshin) with hidden psychic powers. Important to the plot: The Book of Vishanti.
This fanfic is about Sayid Jarrah (Lost) on Nehwon.
This fanfic is about The Marquis de Carabas (Neverwhere) fighting The Count of Monte Cristo with a secret personal army. Important to the plot: A stash of money.
This fanfic is about Tommy Corn (I Heart Huckabee's) fighting Padadu (Magical Play) with a transforming robot.
This fanfic is about the cast of Cardcaptor Sakura fighting Men In Black with the power of love.
This fanfic is about the cast of Dark Angel as psychologists.
This fanfic is about the cast of Deep Impact getting drunk with the cast of Video Girl Ai. Jonathan Teatime (Discworld) makes jokes about it.
This fanfic is about the cast of Essex Boys as police chiefs.
This fanfic is about the cast of Mortal Kombat fighting the cast of xxxHolic with super martial arts.
This fanfic is about the casts of As You Like It and Finding Nemo. Important to the plot: The Eye of Autochthon.
This fanfic swaps Petty Officer Jennifer Coates (JAG) and Sholto (Merry Gentry books). Important to the plot: The Zohar.
This fanfic swaps the casts of 90210 and Star Trek: Voyager. Important to the plot: The three holy treasures of Japan.


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