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This fanfic is about Alex Rosewater (Big O) and a bard at the Venture Industries Compound.
This fanfic is about An Oompah-Loompah (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) fighting a shaman with psychic powers.
This fanfic is about Dick Grayson (Batman) and a shuttlecraft pilot in South Park.
This fanfic is about Dolly Levi (Hello Dolly) and Kingsley Shacklebolt (HP) aboard the Battlestar Galactica.
This fanfic is about Dr. McCoy (Star Trek) and a first contact specialist.
This fanfic is about Guy Noir (A Prairie Home Companion) and a rascal.
This fanfic is about Jack Bristow (Alias) fighting the cast of Star Trek: Voyager with a magical artifact.
This fanfic is about Kari Kamiya (Digimon Adventure) and Alec (Dark Angel). Important to the plot: Holy Materia.
This fanfic is about Prof. Flitwick (HP) and Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver).
This fanfic is about Simon Tam (Firefly) opening a store with Verin Mathwin (Wheel of Time) in New York.
This fanfic is about The Monarch (Venture Brothers) and Bill (Kill Bill).
This fanfic is about Tim Burton fighting Edgar Allan Poe with a magical artifact.
This fanfic is about the casts of 3x3 Eyes and Oresteid aboard the Battlestar Galactica.
This fanfic swaps Pyro (X-Men movieverse) and Sark (Alias). Important to the plot: The Minicons.
This fanfic swaps the casts of Tremors and Return of the Jedi.


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