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This fanfic is about Bill McNeil (Newsradio) pretending to be Artemus Gordon (Wild West West). Aoyagi Seimei (Loveless) gets drunk because of it.
This fanfic is about Bobby Drake (X-Men) as a miner.
This fanfic is about Brian Kinney (Queer as Folk US) and a marine.
This fanfic is about Emma Frost (X-Men) as a smuggler. Important to the plot: A supercomputer.
This fanfic is about Gil "The Arm" Hamilton (Larry Niven) as a politician in Heaven.
This fanfic is about Jack Traven (Speed) fighting Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) with the greatest heroes of all time.
This fanfic is about Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter) fighting an outlaw with super martial arts.
This fanfic is about Ryan Pierce (West Wing) as an alien.
This fanfic is about the cast of From Hell fighting the Glorft with an army of revolutionaries.
This fanfic is about the cast of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen at a Hellmouth.
This fanfic is about the cast of Newsies getting drunk with the cast of Sex and the City. Ripley (Alien series) rants about it continuously.
This fanfic is about the cast of The Family Guy as mutants on Tatooine.
This fanfic is about the cast of Tripping the Rift as occultists in Gondor.
This fanfic is about the casts of The Russia House and Boondock Saints.
This fanfic swaps the casts of The Young Wizards Series and Achewood.


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