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This fanfic is about Beetle Bailey fighting terrorists with hidden psychic powers. Important to the plot: The Monolith.
This fanfic is about Captain Hans (Hellsing) and a football player.
This fanfic is about Dade Murphy (Hackers) and Warren (BtVS).
This fanfic is about Dina Araz (24) as a mercenary in Gondor.
This fanfic is about Elfangor (Animorphs) fighting a virtual reality engineer with a magical artifact.
This fanfic is about Luna (Sailor Moon) and a super computer. Important to the plot: An orbital mind control laser.
This fanfic is about Merry Brandybuck (LotR) trying to kill Dryden Fassa (Escaflowne). Important to the plot: The Spear of Longinus.
This fanfic is about Phil McNeil (NewsRadio) fighting the Glorft with super-powerful Digimon.
This fanfic is about Richard (Caroline in the City) and Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club).
This fanfic is about the cast of Blackadder II lost in the wilderness with the cast of Logan's Run. Ussop (One Piece) helps out with a donation of money.
This fanfic is about the cast of The Charioteer seeing a movie with the cast of American President.
This fanfic is about the casts of Bend it Like Beckham and Signs.
This fanfic is about the casts of Benny & Joon and Bend it Like Beckham in the Shire.
This fanfic is about the casts of Samurai Jack and Titus Andronicus in Shinra.
This fanfic swaps the casts of Spinal Tap and Spaceballs.


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