Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer

In the mood for some odd fanfic pairings? This'll meet all your needs, and quite a few non-needs. All creations mentioned are copyright(c), trademarked(tm) and soforth their individual owners. No infringement on existing copyright is intended. Not responsible whatsoever for the results or any reactions they cause.

Your Options:
Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)/Lisa Cuddy (House)
Andrew (BtVS)/Renault (Fire Emblem:Rekka no Ken)
Benjamin Britten (composer)/Valerie Warner (Jake 2.0)
Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friensd)/Matsumoto aka Shinesman Red (Shinesman)
Boss Ogi (Zatoichi)/Hitomi (Escaflowne)
Col. Flagg (M*A*S*H)/Narcissa Malfoy (HP)
Cole Turner (Charmed)/Mia Dearden (DC Comics)
Dante (Devil May Cry)/Herbie (Herbie movies)
Dinah Lance (Birds of Prey comics)/Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four)
Erin Brockovich/Red (Shawshank Redemption)
Goku (Saiyuki)/Katsuhiko Jinnai (El Hazard)
Jonathan Archer (Enterprise)/Jane Eyre
Kisa (Fruits Basket)/Nita Campbell (Young Wizards)
Kisara (Yu-Gi-Oh!)/Kirsty (Ultraviolet)
Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events)/Lorne (Angel)
Linda Day (Press Gang)/Ludo (Labyrinth)
Lucy Whitmore (50 First Dates)/Sir Richard Francis Burton (Riverworld books)
Marty McFly (Back to the Future)/Lily
Michael Samuelle (Le Femme Nikita)/Randy Disher (Monk)
Oliver Queen (DC comics)/Petaline (Firefly)
Queen Christine of Sweden/Martouf (SG-1)
Richard MacDuff (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency)/Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind)
Stuart Jones (Queer as Folk UK)/Fletcher (Hanging Garden)
Watanabe (Excel Saga)/Kay (Once and Future King)
Zippy (Rainbow)/Richie Ryan (Highlander)


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