Spell Generator

Spell name generator, with various choices of styles.

  • Simple spells are more classic CRPG styles.
  • Complex spells are more descriptive - and at times specailized
  • Elaborate spells are outright poetic or even overdone

Your Options:
Ancient Glamour of Slay Joiner
Angry Vipers' Hex of Heat
Barbaric Crusaders' Ceremony of Opening
Blast of Voidness
Calling of Cold and Possession
Deflect Simplicity
Disruption Absorbtion
Evocation of Blinding and Virtue
Glamour of Call Cunning Summoner
Greater Exorcism of Control
Guarding Conjuration
Humanoid's Casting of Ruby
Incatation of Purify Gems
Joiners' Wind Span
Perfect Hex of Stone and Sadism
Rain of Darkness
Rations of Perfect Silver
Rune of Drake Slaying
Span of Marvelous Blood
The Eight Chants of the Adamantine Dungeons
The Eighty Rites of Time Alteration
The Exalted Sorcery of the Screaming Eagle
The Nine Ghostly Castings of Mirrors
Vipers' Evocation of Balance and Lust
Working of Become Benevolent Openers


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