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Dark Ritual Generator

Evil-sounding rituals, perfect for villains, creatures of darkness, evil gods, or just when you need a way to bring about the apocalypse in your story or game.

Your Options:
Accursed Goddess' Rite of Gray Edges
Arch-angels' Invocation of the Sinful Snare
Black Kings' Evocation of Solitude
Blasphemous Ceremony of Hours
Cursed Gods' Ceremony of Nothingness
Forgotten Beast's Working of Insanity
Foul Arch-demon's Abjuration of Madness
Ghostly Wraiths' Sacrament of the First Word
Gibbering Princess' Transfiguration of Infinite Swords
Infernal Evocation of the Legendary Tomb
Inverted Communion of the Lady
Legendary Enchantment of Cairns
Princesses' Sacrifice of Foulness
Profane Ritual of the Queens of Oubliettes
Rite of Forgotten Knives
Rite of the Vorticies of Wickedness
Sacrament of Steel Cenotaphs
Self-renewing Summoning of Royal Churches
Unspeakable Summoning of the Twisted Tombstone
Wraiths' Working of the Profane Word


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