Magical Invocation Generator

Invocations for sorcerers and mages, with options for particular themes.

Your Options:
By The Blade Of Frenzied Pell-ero!
By The Claw Of Las'tari!
By The Compassion Of Falulola!
By The Dream Of Bosiss!
By The Garment Of Ancient Quscat!
By The Glimmering Sanctums Of Alyma!
By The Hatred Of Crsitute!
By The Legendary Cliffs Of Eluse!
By The Marvelous Arrows Of Joeocyto!
By The Pack Of Rtidumar!
By The Poison Of Prntu-seun!
I Call Upon The Gauntlet Of Joneur!
I Evoke The Grail Of Falathen!
I Evoke The First Swarm Of Copolut!
I Invoke The Ten Arrows Of Wunit-hali!


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