Magical Invocation Generator

Invocations for sorcerers and mages, with options for particular themes.

Your Options:
By Doriavit!
By The Bell Of Serene Arazuli!
By The Blood Of Cti'useulan!
By The Glorious Chimera Of Ziaida!
By The Green Lute Of Preular!
By The Hatred Of Heariu!
By The Horrid Centaur Of Vict'ume!
By The Lyre Of Can-tel!
By The Ruby Gauntlet Of Mntarnt!
By The Sanctuary Of Cecumol!
By The Wondrous Portals Of Sitali!
By The Eight Candles Of Eternal Mauniart!
By The Ninth Multitude Of Hoph-osatu!
I Call Upon The Gauntlet Of Lichou!
I Evoke The Illuminated Chiors Of Zium'urm!


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