Quest Item Generator

Items for specific quests in games and stories.

Your Options:
Lute of Despair
Pike of Impurity
Runed Pike of Wishes
Shadowed Trident of Madness
The Beads of Spirits, Wonder, Fortune, Blight, and Demons
The Circlets of Wonder, the Sea, Travel, Bones, Energy, the Ocean, the Sun, and Venom
The Disks of the Sun, Power, Blight, and Illusion
The Jewels of Thunder, Paralysis, Glory, Vigor, Souls, Spirits, Ice, and the Winterlands
The Sceptres of Torture, Ice, Fear, the Plains, Paralysis, the Arctic, and Enchantments
The Staves of the Winds, Heaven, Energy, the Plains, Horror, Plants, and Thought
The Torcs of Clarity, Deceit, Dreams, Bones, and Water
The Wands of Thunderbolts, Danger, Fate, Deceit, Wickedness, Frost, and Enchantment
The eleven fragments of the Wand of Mysteries
The eleven pieces of the Amulet of Destruction
Wand of Wind


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