Potion Description Generator

Descriptions for potions, magial or mundane. Or in a few cases just disgusting.

Your Options:
The boiling draught that is obsidian with silver flashes. It smells like apples, but tastes like ashes.
The boiling mixture that is ruby in color. It smells like caramel and earwax, but tastes like milk.
The boiling, glowing fluid that is orange with scarlet flakes. It smells like mud and black pepper, but tastes like salt.
The bubbling, slimy mixture that is brown in color. It smells like cabbage and spice, but tastes like ginger.
The copper substance with crimson flashes. It smells like lettuce, but tastes like carrots and vomit.
The fizzing, bubbling, watery fluid that is cerulean in color. It smells and tastes like coffee.
The glowing substance that is copper with ochre flakes. It smells and tastes like peppermint.
The glowing, chunky fluid that is yellow in color. It smells like candy, but tastes like pumpkin.
The glowing, murky potion that is jade in color. It smells like milk and spinach, but tastes like herbs and coffee.
The glowing, transparent, viscious mixture that is pink in color. It smells like dirt, but tastes like green pepper.
The metallic, viscious substance that is sapphire with scarlet accretions on the bottom. It smells like coconut, but tastes like rot and spit.
The murky, viscious potion that is ochre with ebony accretions on the bottom. It smells like apples and licorice, but tastes like pinapple.
The reflective elixir that is brown with ruby specks. It smells like vanilla and peppermint, but tastes like lemon.
The reflective, oily substance that is silver with ruby bubbles. It smells like cooked meat and tea, but tastes like rum and coconut.
The smoking, swirling, oily draught that is purple in color. It smells like blood, but tastes like licorice.
The steaming, slimy substance that is scarlet with gold glows. It smells and tastes like pine needles.
The swirling, fizzing elixir that is crimson in color. It smells like caramel, but tastes like peanuts and spinach.
The swirling, metallic, chunky draught that is amethyst with cerulean bubbles. It smells and tastes like ashes.
The translucent, chunky liquid that is scarlet in color. It smells and tastes like honey.
The viscious tonic that is obsidian in color. It smells like pinapple, but tastes like raspberries and red pepper.


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