Science Fiction Tarot Card Generator

Tarot Cards - for an age of technology or an age to come!

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Your Options:
The Priest of Physics
Ten of Suns
The Cog
Four of Hovercrafts
The Duke of Dimension Travel
Nine of Holograms
Three of Pulsars
Four of Rockets
The Teacher of Lasers
The Robot
Six of Cars
Ten of Novas
The Time-Travelling Mathmetician
The Artificer of Biology
Seven of Holograms
Eight of Hyperdrives
The Engine of Corruption
Trio of Nebulas
The Prohpetess of Mass-Drivers
The Emperess of Arcologies
The Solar Gear
Nine of Radars
The Anachronistic Scientist
Five of Motorcycles
The Android of Mass-Drivers


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