Magic Item Generator

Magical item names and ideas. Simply select the category you're looking for, and next thing you know you're going to be up to your enchanted armpits with loot!

Your Options:
Angry Questers' Flute of Acid
Animated Hauberk of Copper Control
Compassionate Crafters' Gauntlet of the Just Wanderers' Exorcism of Barbarism
Cruel Sea Serpents' Elixir of Deadly Courage Field
Damned Serpents' Ring Mail of Alter Metal
Deadly Hatchet of Crystal Bolts
Deathly Glimmering Two-handed Sword
Distant Priests' Hat
Dwarven Runed Tonic
Exceptional Buckler
Glammered Gauntlet of the Canine's Curse of Brilliance
Golems' Hauberk
Illuminated Immovable Plate Mail
Imperial Glowing Warhammer of the Doomed Calling of Control Acid
Javelin of Seduce Monks
Pants of the Rune of Warmth
Plate Mail of Deflect Diamond
Vorpal Shield
Wise Spirit's Arrow of Infernal Bone Rings
Wonderful Gray Bracer of Ultimate Bronze


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