Magic Item Generator

Magical item names and ideas. Simply select the category you're looking for, and next thing you know you're going to be up to your enchanted armpits with loot!

Your Options:
Anklet of Summon Canine
Bodily Harpsichord of the Cruel Banes' Charm of Cruelty
Bow of Alter Precision
Buckler of Good and Lifedraining
Damned Fish's Spear
Deathly Shield of Warding Conjuration
Demonic Tonic of the Titan's Divination of Intelligence
Dire Finders' Potion of Fortune Transformation
Envenomed Atal
Hatchet of Cold Control
Heavenly Sharp War-axe of the Crusaders' Sorcery of Heat
Insects' Mechanism of the Kings
Marvelous Sword of Call Serpents
Prismatic Machine of Heat Deflection
Sagely Haunters' Shield
Saints' Tower Shield
Savage Vorpal Axe
Spear of the Lawful Dwarf
Sphere of Preservation Absorbtion
Wondrous Ruler's Armguard


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