Magic Item Generator

Magical item names and ideas. Simply select the category you're looking for, and next thing you know you're going to be up to your enchanted armpits with loot!

Your Options:
Acidic Gown
Animated Chakram of Frost Breath
Blowgun of Spirit Alteration
Blue Potion
Crusader's Awl-pike
Dirk of the Calling of Dwarf Hypnotism
Elves' Bar of Digging Alteration
Giant Javelin
Glimmering Quarrel
Harp of Air Wall
Holy Ornate Partisan of Insect Calling
Intelligent Hunters' Lyre of the Wyrm
Masters' Mace
Monstrous Electrical Automaton of Haunted Crystal Hail
Orb of Scent Negation
Sagely Clerics' Pill of Tritons
Sea Serpent's Sycthe of the Fortuitous Charm of Control Dragon
Sly Divinity's Chain Mail
Spectral Massive Necklace of Holding Conjuration
Spectral Sharp Sycthe of Mud Arrow


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