Character Changer

Remapping, altering, twisting, and changing popular characters is popular in fanfiction, and with this generator you can get new challenges and warped ideas! Can you change popular characters into something else and keep it believable?

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Your Options:
Anne Neville - as the ugly arch-mage.
Dan (The Brotherhood) - as the militant pedlar who belongs to a secret organization.
Daria Morgendorffer (Daria) - as the first officer who tragically misunderstood an alien custom.
Dave Lister (Red Dwarf) - as the graceful, boastful assassin.
Edward Teach (Blackbeard) - as the young, infamous healer from a dying race.
Frohike (XF) - as the tough impostor.
Heero (Gundam Wing) - as the athletic architect.
Iria (Iria the Animation) - as the dexterous rabble-rouser on an important journey to a parallel world.
Jack Dawson (Titanic) - as the sickly, joyful, clinging police chief who came from another world to seek his/her parents.
John Munch (Law and Order: SVU) - as the anxious, playful rogue who has several nervous habits.
Jonathan (Buffy) - as the sickly novelist searching for a family member.
Kolchak (The Night Stalker) - as the fear-ridden shaman.
Mima Kirgoe (Perfect Blue) - as the elegant tomb-robber searching for justice.
Musicologist Urd (Crimson Sea) - as the poised virtual reality engineer.
Tanda (Another Fine Myth) - as the tough, stingy bandit.


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