Character Scrambler

Classic, archetypical, and just-plain overused characters and character concepts - scrambled to provide fresh new ideas.

Your Options:
The heir to greatness raised in secret who suddenly becomes the center of the action and who tries to uphold their beliefs.
The scoundrel with a heart of gold who endures numerous trials and triumphs.
The gunslinger who selflessly protects the protagonist.
The family man who stands alone against the Main Villain.
The loveable cop who does good deeds merely for the praise and who always gets into trouble.
The hard-nosed detective who needs a mentor to avoid misusing their talents.
The loveable cop who ends up with a harem of the opposite sex for no good reason and who somehow manages to be a superhero.
The super-sexy female vampire who needs a mentor to avoid misusing their talents.
The homewrecker whose odd ideas are actually true.
The mysterious elderly wizard who fights for justice and whose loyalties are suspect and ever-shifting.
The misguided but honorable person who will defeat the protagonist in combat to teach them a valuable lesson and who always comes through in the end.
The swift and beautiful elven archer who just needs a mentor and who is bound by an unpleasant duty.
The brutally orphaned scion of a wealthy family who somehow manages to be a superhero and who is stronger and more skilled than most anyone.
The gifted individual who seeks to avenge the murder of his family.
The opinionated and strong-willed older woman who just needs a mentor and who pilots a giant robot made by their father.


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