Character Scrambler

Classic, archetypical, and just-plain overused characters and character concepts - scrambled to provide fresh new ideas.

Your Options:
The swift and beautiful elven archer who fights crime as a vigilante.
The homewrecker who can't resist a party and who inexplicably ends up getting into romantic situations with the protagonist.
The star athlete who wants everything for their children and who is avoiding an arranged marriage.
The super-sexy female vampire who is seeking True Love.
The antisocial miser who is ready to reform and who awaits the perfect student.
The ditzy but loveable magical girl who is a bit wacky and who has a tragedy in the past.
The brilliant scientist who's true love is their ship.
The beautiful nerd girl no one notices because she has glasses who meddles in things Man was not meant to know and whose scientific endeavors have given them a god complex.
The brilliant scientist who is ready to reform and who is driven by hatred to bring revenge on everone that wronged them.
The young wizard who is a softy at heart despite strong biases.
The cheerful and flamingly gay man who has an endless supply of gadgets and who is entangled in a conspiracy without their knowledge.
The friendly sentient computer who is on the run from the law and who wields a mystic sword.
The morally ambiguous henchman whose brilliance makes them unfathomable and who always gets what they want.
The boisterous and obnoxious antagonist who has a soft spot for kids.
The businessman who is completely confused about their own past and who is persecuted by a government conspiracy.


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