Character Scrambler

Classic, archetypical, and just-plain overused characters and character concepts - scrambled to provide fresh new ideas.

Your Options:
The disturbing little girl who always supports their family and who changes sides for love.
The opinionated and strong-willed older woman who is secretly funded by the government and who has a mysterious past.
The businessman who is a reincarnated princess and who somehow manages to be a superhero.
The loudmouthed opportunist with a heart of gold who is bound by an unpleasant duty.
The wild mad scientist who bears a great destiny and who gives all they have to save the world.
The wild mad scientist who is avoiding an arranged marriage.
The withdrawn yet somehow oddly attractive girl who is rebuilt as a cyborg after a terrible accident.
The strong-willed yet elegant Southern Belle who is on the run from the law and whose scientific endeavors have given them a god complex.
The opinionated and strong-willed older woman who ends up with a harem of the opposite sex for no good reason.
The heir to greatness raised in secret who will defeat the protagonist in combat to teach them a valuable lesson.
The businessman who has endearingly crude traits and who follows the protagonist anywhere.
The last survivor of an alien race who is guided by a mysterious wizard and who bears a great destiny.
The hyper-violent vigilante who has a dark and mysterious past and who keeps repeating themselves over and over.
The aristocratic vampire who came back from the grave.
The feminine yet insanely good-looking vampire who fights crime as a vigilante.


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