History Scrambler

Lets face it, sometimes you find inspiration looking back at historical figures and imagining them in other times or imagining people like them. So for those moments - or just for inspiration - this generator lets you imagine some of the famous people of history as classic fictional types . ..

Your Options:
Gertrude Stein - Dragon-slayer
Galileo - Game Show Host
Copernicus - Demon Slayer
Sigmund Freud - Supervillain
Jessie James - Gunslinger
Pablo Picasso - Master of Hand-To-Hand Combat
Louisa May Alcott - Emo Kid
Abigail Adams - Skatepunk
King Arthur - Vampire Hunter
Emily Dickenson - Master of Hand-To-Hand Combat
Hammurabi - Disco Sensation
Beatrix Potter - Superheroine
Willaim Penn - Anime Magical Knight
Marie Antoinette - High Priestess
Amelia Earhart - Emo Kid
Pythagoreas - Mad Scientist
Marie Curie - Exorcist
Charles Chaplin - Barbarian Warrior
Ptolemy - Pro Wrestler
Oscar Wilde - Singing Sensation
Harriet Tubman - Supermodel
Gutenberg - Starship Captain
Louisa May Alcott - Game Show Host
Sacagawea - Emo Kid
William Shakespeare - Anime Catboy


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