History Scrambler

Lets face it, sometimes you find inspiration looking back at historical figures and imagining them in other times or imagining people like them. So for those moments - or just for inspiration - this generator lets you imagine some of the famous people of history as classic fictional types . ..

Your Options:
Marie Antoinette - Punk Rocker
Charles De Gaulle - Stereotypical Romance Novel Hero
Indira Ghandi - Goth Girl
Jane Austen - Guardian Angel
Abigail Adams - Masked Avenger
Nicolai Tesla - Wizard
Mary Baker Eddy - Pin-up Girl
Galileo Galilei - Disco Sensation
Sacagawea - Fairytale Evil Queen
Alan Turing - Boy Wonder
Amelia Earhart - Mad Scientist
Agatha Christie - Dark Knight
Lenin - Alien Invader
Eva Peron - Disco Sensation
Marie Antoinette - High Priestess
Marie Curie - Rock and Roll Sensation
Aggamemnon - Sexy Bishounen
Christopher Columbus - Private Detective
Sacagawea - Private Detective
Margaret Mead - Pirate Captain
Hypatia - Unrepentant Redneck
Buddy Holly - Dark Knight
Virginia Woolf - Cute Mascot
Margaret Mead - Fighter Pilot
Zenobia - Cute Mascot


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