Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The awkward bodyguard who has an odd way of speaking.
The clumsy, private, unjust assistant.
The poised, ugly architect.
The peace-loving philosopher from a bad family.
The intelligent, whiny hero.
The unathletic, generous fence.
The pragmatic businessperson.
The clumsy, nice, open-minded dancer coping with mental illness.
The private, altruistic miner.
The agile, odd pharmacist.
The infamous bartender.
The wild thief who is dependent on medication.
The optimistic mentor.
The ignorant, hypocritical impostor.
The unathletic, kind official.
The extraverted teacher who fears people think he/she is a fraud.
The militant, outgoing poet who fears the future.
The alienated, distant beggar who is prone to odd statements.
The rascal from an unusual family line.
The agile, spiritual, nurturing prospector from an unusual family line.
The tactless laborer.
The cynical heroine.
The cowardly, promiscuous farmer.
The grim, broken-hearted bandit who lost meaning in life.
The strong comic on the run from the law.
The unhealthy, boring, obedient bodyguard.
The adventurer who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The inexperienced, funny pretender who belongs to a secret organization.
The crippled, heroic, altruistic adventurer with an odd birthmark.
The nimble, distant farmer who is an outsider.
The acrobatic rascal.
The apathetic servant.
The plain, arrogant, cooperative soldier looking for a challenge.
The striking, friendly miner with a dark past.
The tough thief haunted by dark memories.
The strong hermit on the wrong side of the law.
The bigoted spy coping with mental illness.
The quiet rabble-rouser who is dependent on medication.
The tireless philanthropist with repressed memories.
The poised, negative, brave gigolo.
The lazy actor with a heart of gold.
The self-righteous mercenary.
The studious farmer with unusual luck.
The altruistic musician with a lot of friends.
The aged, realistic comic.
The alienated acrobat with a dark past.
The tolerant adventurer.
The disloyal pedlar who is an outsider.
The hunter with a rival in his/her profession.
The striking, infamous bartender.


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