Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The unjust adventurer.
The inexperienced, cruel musician.
The tireless, promiscuous mentor.
The short-tempered assassin.
The graceful weapons master with an odd birthmark.
The tireless, combative jailer.
The indecisive, cute marine.
The outgoing gigolo.
The plain theologian.
The alienated, chaste rabble-rouser searching for truth.
The acrobatic, odd prostitute with repressed memories.
The unbalanced, promiscuous weapons master with unexpected depths.
The striking farmer.
The dexterous, fear-ridden, manipulative assistant from a big family.
The smooth ambassador.
The clumsy, chaste lawman.
The unhealthy, aggravated, righteous student on the wrong side of the law.
The weak musician.
The contemplative, ethical hunter who is dependent on medication.
The agile, immoral marine.
The dexterous, patronizing traveler.
The stingy jailer.
The clumsy, hateful pharmacist.
The ignorant, whiny philosopher with a heart of gold.
The heroine with an unexpected destiny.
The agile weapons master.
The strong impostor who seems insane.
The miserly, vocal teacher.
The obsessive dancer who has several nervous habits.
The crippled, heroic, pompous murderer.
The incoherent, clinging pretender with a knack for trouble.
The unjust philosopher.
The gigolo who hates children.
The tireless, paranoid martial artist.
The graceful, intimidating spy from an unusual family line.
The sloppy, arrogant politician.
The nimble, mysterious, disloyal impostor.
The unfriendly leader searching for a family member.
The young, ugly farmer.
The self-righteous, ugly bodyguard.
The unhealthy, laid-back, withdrawn rogue.
The young teacher.
The brave, tolerant businessperson.
The weak, righteous, funny prospector.
The poised, immoral heroine.
The broken-hearted official.
The patriotic heir with an odd birthmark.
The poised, aloof pharmacist.
The nimble, open-minded hunter.
The immature dancer.


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