Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The tireless, opinionated boatman with a chemical dependency.
The unjust rogue.
The brave hermit.
The enduring, patriotic servant.
The nurturing inventor.
The boring explorer.
The wild, whiny bounty hunter.
The hypocritical bartender hiding a dark secret.
The sickly, boastful, unheroic rascal with a dark past.
The alienated heroine.
The wild, unheroic marine searching for purpose.
The acrobatic, hypocritical smuggler.
The plain, corrupt midwife from a big family.
The healthy, philosophical, rude mercenary with a lot of friends.
The enduring midwife.
The sickly outlaw searching for justice.
The realistic, attractive acrobat coping with mental illness.
The happy inventor with a heart of gold.
The striking, manipulative, extraverted philosopher.
The enduring, craven, persuasive bodyguard.
The poised, slothful, inhibited dancer coping with mental illness.
The poet with a heart of gold.
The athletic beggar.
The strong, violent, obedient wanderer.
The indecisive farmer.
The hermit who is more than meets the eye.
The cleric from a good family.
The logical smuggler.
The student with unusual luck.
The miserly bounty hunter.
The cooperative assistant.
The irrational soldier.
The militant, withdrawn pretender.
The tireless, odd gigolo searching for purpose.
The unwise, immoral champion who hates children.
The crippled, alienated philosopher with little money.
The whiny traitor.
The plain, righteous prostitute searching for a lost friend.
The agile, patronizing hero.
The weak, secretive, pompous bartender with a false identity.
The misunderstood bounty hunter who has several nervous habits.
The homely dancer searching for purpose.
The tactful assistant on the run from the law.
The enduring, unpopular hunter.
The mature, smooth lawman.
The cowardly, vocal heir with a large fortune.
The aloof midwife with little money.
The cynical teacher.
The tireless midwife hiding a dark secret.
The tireless, romantic assistant.


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