Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The unathletic, cunning impostor.
The miner searching for truth.
The aggravated, nurturing miner.
The graceful inventor.
The tough mentor.
The enduring, melancholy explorer.
The tactful fence with a large fortune.
The clumsy, moral leader.
The nimble, unconfident, unjust ambassador.
The combative musician who has an odd way of speaking.
The traveler searching for truth.
The clumsy, selfless mentor.
The calm heroine.
The agile, persuasive hermit.
The dexterous, tough, humble gigolo.
The clumsy, infamous prospector.
The silly laborer living on borrowed time.
The nimble, sadistic philanthropist coping with mental illness.
The tireless, craven, greedy archivist hiding a dark secret.
The acrobatic, awkward rabble-rouser.
The short-tempered bandit.
The smart bodyguard.
The ignored philanthropist.
The healthy impostor from an unusual family line.
The strong, mystical, alienated beggar who seems insane.
The acrobatic, broken-hearted, hateful farmer.
The amiable pretender who fears the future.
The narrow-minded traitor.
The realistic priest escpaing the past.
The graceful archivist from an unusual family line.
The philanthropist with unusual luck.
The paranoid explorer who loves children.
The poised, tired, attractive prospector.
The athletic, awkward heir who is estranged from family members.
The tough, wily, aloof philanthropist who fears the future.
The priest from a small family.
The graceful, playful archivist.
The compassionate, social servant.
The athletic, unfriendly official.
The unwise, awkward architect searching for justice.
The hysterical, immoral priest.
The weak leader.
The strong, odd spy.
The tolerant acrobat.
The strong, rude smuggler coping with mental illness.
The dexterous, snide businessperson.
The gigolo who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The sleazy beggar with an unexpected destiny.
The striking, playful assassin.
The dexterous, narrow-minded, odd hero with big dreams.


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