Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The burnt-out mentor.
The awkward bartender.
The tough, introverted pedlar.
The tired businessperson.
The awkward, cunning, unethical theologian.
The ugly merchant who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The graceful, stressed, outgoing ambassador with a heart of gold.
The agile, cute inventor trapped by the past.
The nimble archivist who belongs to a secret organization.
The agile, energetic outlaw.
The weak, calm lawman.
The awkward marine.
The singer who is seeking meaning in life.
The poised, combative, bigoted businessperson.
The awkward, introverted cleric who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The weak sailor with a rival in his/her profession.
The crippled, striking ambassador.
The crippled, weary martial artist.
The dexterous weapons master.
The aged, just mercenary.
The social actor.
The unhealthy weapons master escpaing the past.
The nimble, unfriendly inventor.
The tough, tactless mentor.
The tough, bitter, ignored lawman who loves children.
The brutal adventurer with no hope.
The bloodthirsty, intimidating gambler.
The poised, vocal boatman with unexpected depths.
The poised, clinging midwife with big dreams.
The weapons master with unexpected depths.
The illogical midwife who is prone to odd statements.
The tough student.
The predictable outlaw.
The boatman searching for a family member.
The acrobatic, mystical servant.
The unathletic midwife.
The ignored architect.
The poised, sleazy traveler.
The athletic gigolo.
The dexterous, stingy, friendly student.
The teacher who hates children.
The dexterous, unheroic, open-minded philanthropist searching for justice.
The strong gigolo who is a complete fraud.
The crippled, ugly rascal.
The ignorant jailer searching for employment.
The athletic, disillusioned impostor.
The patronizing bounty hunter.
The unathletic, mature, fearsome beggar.
The young, open-minded hero.
The weak, spiritual, posturing fence searching for purpose.


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