Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The fearful, eccentric weapons master who can't resist a fight.
The weak, fear-ridden trader.
The weak midwife who has an odd way of speaking.
The plain, corrupt champion who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
The enduring, immoral farmer.
The religious, intimidating singer.
The striking architect.
The tough gigolo.
The aged, misunderstood hero.
The wily actor with big dreams.
The healthy bodyguard.
The crippled, apathetic, paranoid hunter.
The agile, persistent, antisocial thief from a small family.
The soldier with repressed memories.
The opinionated priestess who seems insane.
The cowardly, attractive bartender.
The sickly, aloof smuggler.
The weak, opinionated prospector.
The burnt-out official.
The happy, attractive official.
The tireless impostor who suffers from a chronic disease.
The plain champion who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The weary, rude fence.
The agile traveler.
The striking, whiny mercenary.
The acrobatic, cheerful, unfriendly acrobat.
The weak, tactful pretender who is dependent on medication.
The striking, industrious hunter.
The shifty official hiding a dark secret.
The clumsy, calm, introverted fence from a small family.
The poised, worried fence.
The aged, clinging acrobat.
The plain, naive, cooperative bounty hunter hiding a dark secret.
The student who fears the future.
The agile, fearsome traveler.
The tactful bandit on the run from the law.
The acrobatic, ugly archivist.
The fearful prospector.
The tireless, committed, tactless poet.
The paranoid rabble-rouser haunted by flashbacks.
The mean-spirited miner with big dreams.
The enduring, self-righteous, selfish priestess.
The poised explorer from nowhere.
The crippled, homely singer.
The athletic, nervous spy.
The cunning, mean-spirited outlaw with an unexpected destiny.
The young, friendly gambler.
The stressed weapons master.
The young, philandering philosopher hiding a dark secret.
The strong, withdrawn traveler hiding a dark secret.


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