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Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The outlaw searching for truth.
The tireless, wise dancer.
The acrobatic, nostalgic, sleazy heroine who has several nervous habits.
The sarcastic marine.
The dexterous pedlar.
The philosopher with a false identity.
The aged boatman from an unusual family line.
The plain, violent hero.
The weak, odd mentor with a lot of friends.
The striking, clinging, vocal pharmacist who is more than meets the eye.
The nimble, grim, vicious poet searching for employment.
The loudmouthed, biased miner who lost meaning in life.
The athletic, studious musician.
The humble, aloof actor who belongs to a secret organization.
The broken-hearted servant.
The unathletic, cooperative, social prospector from a good family.
The strong, sarcastic, sleazy servant.
The young, disloyal actor who has several nervous habits.
The cooperative beggar.
The misguided farmer.
The crippled, eccentric inventor from a bad family.
The immature lawman who is an outsider.
The healthy, nihilistic, cruel singer looking for love.
The friendly murderer who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The unhealthy bandit looking for a challenge.
The enduring, popular farmer.
The slothful, tolerant priestess who hates children.
The agile ambassador who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
The dexterous, biased, manipulative actor with an odd birthmark.
The striking heroine with unusual luck.
The whiny, ethical prostitute who is more than meets the eye.
The enduring, brutal pedlar.
The tactful rabble-rouser.
The chaste bounty hunter.
The awkward, posturing traveler from a small family.
The poised, awestruck spy.
The hateful assistant.
The unheroic hunter.
The agile official who hates animals.
The theologian who is dependent on medication.
The nimble, paranoid, funny inventor who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The courageous, intimidating thief.
The nimble, open-minded gambler with little money.
The mysterious fence who is cursed with bad luck.
The tireless, alienated beggar.
The rascal coping with mental illness.
The bodyguard with repressed memories.
The aged, incoherent wanderer.
The gigolo who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The noisy, boring martial artist searching for truth.


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