Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The weak, plucky, outgoing servant.
The unathletic, inhibited philanthropist who seems insane.
The dexterous, fearful mercenary.
The strong, stupid, friendly martial artist who is cursed with bad luck.
The cooperative jailer.
The paranoid, selfless mercenary.
The soldier looking for a challenge.
The opportunistic, ignored priest with a dark past.
The healthy, sarcastic, righteous fence.
The healthy, wily weapons master.
The sickly, creative, moralistic pharmacist who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The brutal actor.
The disorganized, sarcastic servant searching for employment.
The sarcastic, awkward rogue.
The nostalgic, ugly fence.
The ruthless, smooth servant needing a friend.
The striking heir.
The brave priest who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The healthy, obsessive, altruistic midwife.
The unathletic bounty hunter who is more than meets the eye.
The graceful, outgoing traitor.
The unathletic, patriotic, ignored prostitute with unexpected depths.
The nimble, philandering impostor with uncanny abilities.
The athletic lawman who has several nervous habits.
The dexterous, clever, moralizing mentor.
The kind mercenary who fears the future.
The striking, brave singer.
The striking, kind dancer.
The awkward, unpredictable, short-tempered official.
The principled, hateful actor from a bad family.
The striking, inhibited hero.
The athletic, fearsome, nurturing midwife hiding a dark secret.
The aged, driven, funny impostor with a false identity.
The dexterous, contemplative, distant hermit who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The sickly, contemplative traitor.
The crippled, unpopular champion looking for a challenge.
The enduring mercenary.
The weary, whiny mentor trapped by the past.
The unhealthy, inhibited, playful philosopher searching for a lost friend.
The agile, materialistic laborer.
The weak, playful bodyguard searching for a lost friend.
The wistful, chaste midwife with unusual luck.
The righteous priest.
The unhealthy theologian searching for purpose.
The athletic, kind, ethical heir searching for a family member.
The aged explorer who suffers from a chronic disease.
The indecisive, brutal mercenary searching for justice.
The nimble traveler who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The unhealthy explorer.
The sickly, melancholy, moral pedlar.


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