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Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The clumsy, ethical thief.
The aloof murderer.
The student searching for purpose.
The distant marine.
The anxious, intimidating marine who suffers from a chronic disease.
The dexterous, just, patronizing politician who has an odd way of speaking.
The acrobat who is an outsider.
The healthy politician who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The healthy, popular miner with a lot of friends.
The healthy, brutal beggar searching for employment.
The healthy, fearful, gentle rascal who suffers from a chronic disease.
The weak, misunderstood murderer.
The selfish gigolo.
The fearsome, eccentric bounty hunter.
The awkward, unethical boatman.
The dispirited, domineering singer.
The dexterous cleric with an unexpected destiny.
The unhealthy, opportunistic, vocal inventor who is given to moments of deep introspection.
The tireless, cynical servant.
The young, combative, generous official who lost meaning in life.
The alienated, distant weapons master who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The eccentric spy who can't resist a fight.
The clinging trader who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The generous marine escpaing the past.
The lonely theologian.
The unathletic, cunning, sleazy heroine who is dependent on medication.
The dexterous beggar who is an outsider.
The weak, inhibited servant.
The awkward farmer.
The sickly student.
The diabolical, popular rogue.
The uncreative murderer.
The enduring, popular jailer with a false identity.
The weak, composed, altruistic architect searching for a lost friend.
The aged, laid-back, lonely poet.
The selfish beggar who has several nervous habits.
The fearsome pedlar.
The stressed, distant hero who can't resist a fight.
The confused adventurer.
The pessimistic laborer who loves children.
The tireless, outgoing acrobat.
The confused prostitute.
The crippled impostor.
The acrobatic, logical, short-tempered soldier who is cursed with bad luck.
The soldier who belongs to a secret organization.
The healthy, pessimistic, patronizing hermit.
The crippled architect who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The willful archivist trapped by the past.
The weak leader.
The melancholy, vocal gambler with unexpected depths.


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