Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The unathletic, pragmatic laborer.
The arrogant, selfless dancer who hates animals.
The agile pharmacist.
The pompous murderer with an unexpected destiny.
The jailer who fears people think he/she is a fraud.
The awkward bandit.
The greedy prostitute.
The just, tolerant beggar.
The sickly, enduring, charismatic ambassador.
The obedient politician with big dreams.
The unheroic student with big dreams.
The tough sailor.
The self-righteous, heroic inventor living on borrowed time.
The weak-willed, bigoted wanderer with a rival in his/her profession.
The open-minded sailor living on borrowed time.
The weary, greedy philanthropist who seems insane.
The aged, peaceful, obedient smuggler.
The brave rascal.
The graceful, open-minded lawman.
The awkward, unpredictable, infamous teacher escpaing the past.
The composed miner.
The clever inventor with an odd birthmark.
The unhealthy, quiet, unjust smuggler coping with mental illness.
The joyful acrobat who is prone to odd statements.
The awkward, cute ambassador looking for a challenge.
The weak, mean-spirited, lonely singer with a lot of friends.
The mature thief.
The acrobatic, tolerant, homely assistant from nowhere.
The weak assassin.
The arrogant traitor with repressed memories.
The selfish heir.
The boastful beggar who is prone to odd statements.
The striking traitor who can't resist helping people.
The strong, moralistic bounty hunter who hates animals.
The weak, awkward archivist.
The striking, wistful prostitute.
The agile, serious hero.
The realistic miner.
The hypocritical, immoral politician.
The unstable philosopher.
The tired bartender who hates animals.
The athletic, craven, unpopular bandit.
The politician with a heart of gold.
The plain theologian with little money.
The acrobatic, elegant, selfless jailer.
The neurotic boatman.
The healthy, boring philosopher who is an outsider.
The young, paranoid martial artist.
The aloof servant.
The graceful leader with repressed memories.


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