Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The unathletic, inexperienced, heroic cleric.
The fence living on borrowed time.
The bigoted prospector.
The clueless, generous archivist who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The enduring actor.
The wild, bigoted sailor with uncanny abilities.
The gambler who is given to moments of deep introspection.
The poised, materialistic, domineering teacher with a lot of friends.
The heir searching for justice.
The trader trapped by the past.
The illogical ambassador.
The agile, peaceful, aloof marine looking for a challenge.
The poised, mean-spirited wanderer.
The agile, altruistic, ethical rabble-rouser.
The prostitute who is dependent on medication.
The humble, unpopular priest who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The tough, selfish, intimidating architect who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The aged architect.
The aggravated, immature pretender searching for a lost friend.
The tactful miner searching for purpose.
The dexterous, tireless rogue.
The sleazy spy who is an outsider.
The crippled outlaw.
The clumsy, unpredictable, nurturing prostitute with big dreams.
The awkward, short-tempered gambler who has an odd way of speaking.
The enduring acrobat.
The healthy, unpredictable, mean-spirited prostitute who is a complete fraud.
The healthy, ugly assistant.
The focused bounty hunter.
The unambitious, immoral musician searching for employment.
The strong, amiable champion who is a complete fraud.
The greedy, friendly priest.
The enduring, immature marine.
The agile, bullying mentor living on borrowed time.
The awkward, persuasive philanthropist who has several nervous habits.
The burnt-out adventurer.
The sickly, brutal actor who hates children.
The poised, tactful soldier.
The negative student who is a complete fraud.
The crippled, anxious poet.
The young, persistent archivist.
The plain, unheroic champion.
The young, brutal, eccentric philosopher who has an odd way of speaking.
The healthy, domineering mentor.
The addled gambler who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The crippled, conformist, cooperative musician.
The striking, snide, immoral pretender.
The patriotic farmer searching for a family member.
The teacher with repressed memories.
The sickly, hateful traveler living on borrowed time.


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