Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The dexterous dancer.
The tireless, awestruck, hateful thief who can't resist a fight.
The distant martial artist searching for employment.
The moral fence.
The weak-willed, humble spy needing a friend.
The laid-back, boring marine.
The agile beggar.
The striking archivist who is an outsider.
The sadistic, obedient mercenary.
The tireless, optimistic, eccentric student who hates animals.
The whiny murderer.
The mean-spirited assassin.
The poised, ignored architect searching for justice.
The artistic ambassador.
The striking, disloyal priest with a heart of gold.
The athletic thief who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
The unhealthy, philandering laborer.
The studious, attractive lawman.
The official with a rival in his/her profession.
The tireless assassin from nowhere.
The unhealthy rogue.
The clumsy, mean-spirited, self-righteous beggar.
The materialistic inventor escpaing the past.
The striking explorer searching for justice.
The tireless, selfless pedlar who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The self-righteous impostor.
The nimble, sarcastic, clinging adventurer.
The agile adventurer who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The weak adventurer.
The cute thief with uncanny abilities.
The agile prospector.
The tough, unethical priestess.
The mentor on the wrong side of the law.
The smuggler from nowhere.
The strong, short-tempered bandit.
The crippled, brave heroine.
The acrobatic singer.
The immoral explorer.
The striking outlaw who hates animals.
The unhealthy, lazy, brave bodyguard.
The silly, alienated rogue who is an outsider.
The optimistic smuggler.
The worried, hypocritical sailor who has an odd way of speaking.
The strong ambassador.
The smuggler coping with mental illness.
The seasoned champion.
The adventurer hiding a dark secret.
The brutal, unpopular philanthropist who fell in with the wrong crowd.
The crippled, paranoid traveler who lost meaning in life.
The boatman who lost meaning in life.


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