Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The poised, illogical, sleazy trader with repressed memories.
The charismatic bodyguard.
The plain hunter with a heart of gold.
The tireless, opinionated, unfriendly gigolo who is seeking meaning in life.
The gentle philanthropist who has an odd way of speaking.
The poised, cunning, ignored jailer from nowhere.
The striking, tactless traveler.
The unhealthy musician.
The cruel trader.
The sickly mentor who is prone to odd statements.
The tireless, intimidating fence.
The attractive sailor.
The athletic, philandering philosopher.
The weak, paranoid, altruistic thief who seems insane.
The theologian on the wrong side of the law.
The clumsy pretender.
The nihilistic, rude archivist who is dependent on medication.
The unathletic, unfriendly midwife who hates animals.
The conformist, unethical hero.
The clumsy, ethical musician from a bad family.
The bounty hunter with repressed memories.
The enduring, delusional pedlar.
The sickly, misguided traveler.
The greedy, unheroic bodyguard.
The apathetic inventor with a knack for trouble.
The dexterous, humble gambler who hates children.
The playful mercenary living on borrowed time.
The graceful politician who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The nimble, sadistic teacher.
The enduring, selfish, bigoted comic.
The aged, intimidating miner looking for a challenge.
The soldier who lost meaning in life.
The healthy, serene, outgoing boatman.
The open-minded pedlar.
The odd teacher.
The awestruck lawman searching for justice.
The aloof merchant.
The healthy, awestruck, tactless jailer.
The tactful rogue.
The militant explorer searching for truth.
The beggar from a good family.
The worried theologian.
The plain, pompous rogue who is seeking meaning in life.
The unathletic, principled assassin.
The nimble, predictable merchant.
The healthy, grim philosopher.
The clumsy, nice lawman.
The strong, unhappy, fearsome traitor.
The shifty, unpopular smuggler.
The manipulative pharmacist.


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