Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The weak, bullying archivist.
The tireless, slothful, biased beggar with a false identity.
The tireless bartender.
The dexterous, fearsome, popular singer who seems insane.
The aloof, smooth prostitute who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The opinionated mentor.
The unathletic, artistic, chaste acrobat needing a friend.
The enduring, disillusioned, outgoing hermit hiding a dark secret.
The watchful fence with no hope.
The sickly, funny teacher searching for employment.
The tough, obedient hunter with a large fortune.
The tough trader living on borrowed time.
The graceful, clinging, pompous explorer.
The strong, boring teacher from an unusual family line.
The moralizing champion.
The clueless prospector.
The ambassador who is given to moments of deep introspection.
The introverted marine who seems insane.
The young, shifty, tolerant trader escpaing the past.
The strong, creative musician.
The architect who is an outsider.
The arrogant mentor who is a complete fraud.
The confused, striking hunter.
The whiny teacher who can't resist a fight.
The hypocritical pretender.
The opinionated, infamous politician with a dark past.
The social bounty hunter.
The apathetic theologian.
The secretive servant with a knack for trouble.
The striking, aloof adventurer.
The striking, logical prostitute.
The philosophical, posturing pretender who can't resist helping people.
The healthy, frustrated, outgoing inventor searching for purpose.
The young, unheroic priest.
The humble hermit.
The bartender searching for truth.
The detached merchant.
The distant bodyguard who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The aged philanthropist who fears people think he/she is a fraud.
The awkward, self-righteous leader.
The striking, hypocritical, introverted soldier who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The mysterious prostitute.
The fearsome student.
The unathletic, homely theologian.
The snide, domineering inventor with unusual luck.
The unethical pedlar who hopes to be the best in his/her profession.
The sleazy philanthropist.
The artistic gambler.
The ignorant mentor.
The servant who has several nervous habits.


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