Poke-Human Generator

Interpreting pokemon is people is something you'll find all over - from role-playing games to artistic challenges, and more. Call them Pokehumans, Pokemorphs, or Pokemon Gijinka, they're very popular - so here's a way to generate new ones, complete with themes!

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak Inc.

Your Options:
The wistful, tactful male Croagunk-morph astronaut. His wardrobe is revealing.
The scatterbrained, composed, smooth female Drifloon-morph monk/shrine maiden. She has a narrow build. Her wardrobe is mysterious.
The experienced female Fearow-morph magical girl/knight who is estranged from family members. She has a curvy build. Her wardrobe is unconventional.
The broken-hearted female Butterfree-morph space pirate. She has a muscular build.
The addled, chaste male Quagsire-morph martial artist. He has a boyish build. His wardrobe is unconventional.
The cheerful, rude, experienced female Skorupi-morph noble. Her wardrobe is practical.
The intelligent, conformist, sheltered female Weepinbell-morph starship pilot.
The wild, seasoned female Snorlax-morph martial artist. She has an elegant build.
The incoherent male Dewgong-morph necromancer.
The social, inexperienced male Electivire-morph heretic. His wardrobe is utilitarian.


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