Magical Legend Ponies

This generator makes Magical Legend Ponies. These ponies are not necessarily related to a large, popular re-envisioning of a pony-based cartoon/merchandise series. You know, not necessarily, but these are still cute ponies with special marks. Yeah.

Let's face it, are you surprised I built this? No? Good. Now enjoy the ponies.

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Your Options:
This stubby-legged male pony is a pegasus who is whiny and moral. His coat is blue. He has an unusually short mane. His eyes are black. His mark is four arrows.
This small filly is a unicorn who is unstable, uneducated, and envious. Her coat is lemon-yellow. She has an extremely long, sloppily-styled mane that is red. Her large eyes are white. Her mark is three pumpkins.
This muscular filly is a unicorn who is nosy. Her coat is ash-gray. She has a long mane that is brown. Her eyes are brown. Her mark is a golf club.
This muscular female pony is an earth pony who is pompous, educated, and arrogant. Her coat is violet. She has an unusually short mane that is brown. Her narrow eyes are brown. Her mark is a can.
This pudgy filly is an earth pony who is playful, scatterbrained, and ethical. Her coat is white with violet patches. She has a mane that reminds you of a comet's trail. Her hooded eyes are blue. Her mark is a wrench.
This muscular filly is an earth pony who is fearful and smooth-talking. Her coat is purple. She has an unusually short mane that is black. Her eyes are black. Her mark is an observatory.
This large stallion is a unicorn who is contemplative and unethical. His coat is amber. He has a short, sloppily-styled mane that is blue and white. His eyes are gray. His mark is a nest.
This elegant filly is an earth pony who is paranoid, contemplative, and gentle. Her coat is chestnut. She has a short mane that is gray and white. Her hooded eyes are purple. Her mark is four anchors.
This gangly stallion is a unicorn who is cynical and nihlistic. His coat is yellow. He has an unstyled mane that is red. His droopy eyes are emerald. His mark is two apples.
This lean stallion is a pegasus who is imaginative and smooth-talking. His coat is coffee-colored. He has an extremely long, elaborately-styled mane that is yellow and gray. His hooded eyes are milky-white. His mark is a sock.


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