Fantasy Race Generator

Descriptions of fantasy races as complex as you like them, from simple appearance to a complete backstory!

  • For simple physical descriptions, choose 'Description.'
  • Choose 'Detail' to get a cultural snapshots and 'extras' for the race.
  • Choose 'Complete' to get a complete profile of the race and their place in their world.

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Your Options:
The misshapen race. They are red-haired. They do not need to breathe. They are legendary for their scholars and game-keepers. They are intimately connected to an important prophecy.
The race of elves. They have silver eyes. They have excellent hearing. Their government is functional.
The race of Centaurs. In their culture, music is a highly prized ability. They tend to be mistrusted by others - but no one can say why.
The race of Ogres. They can change genders under certain conditions. They practice some forms of spiritual discipline, but some would debate if it is an actual religion. They control a state. No one knows where they came from.
The race of dwarves. They have dark-colored eyes. They also have two horns on their heads. In their culture, linguistics is a highly prized ability. Their magical practices tend to focus on divine magic. A great destiny awaits them, yet they know it not.
The race of elves. They have gold eyes. They are famous for their great buildings and ships. Their government is a technocracy that is ethical in its own way. Their history is unknown even to them.
The race of elves. They are silver-skinned and have warmly-colored eyes. They levitate naturally. Elaborate jewelry and accessories denote social standing, class, and soforth. They worship a single abstract deity who works via assorted servants and messengers - this deity in turn has a nemesis responsible for evil in the world. They have no country of their own, but work for other races.
The massive race. They have large ears. They have two horns on their heads. They appear to be changing into a different species over time. Their society is split by gender - males and females are separate cultures. Their magical practices tend to focus on divination. Their government is a bureaucracy. A great doom awaits them, and they are all too aware of it.
The race of dwarves. They are dark-skinned and dark-haired. Their magical practices tend to focus on sand magic. Their government is functional.
The cumbersome race. They have bony plates instead of hair. They take naturally to mountain ranges. They are well-known for their messenger system and fantastic spices. Their language is maddeningly complex. Their government is an aristocracy that is corrupt. They barely control a wealthy mountainous kingdom that has been devastated by war.


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