Fusion Food Generator

Crazy fusion foods . . . that probably really exist. Inspired by many real and unreal foods, I'm not responsible for any thing you may think, feel, cook, or throw up.

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Your Options:
Parsnip on Kimchi
Ancho Chili Gumbo with Yogurt sauce
Salt-Crusted Carbonara Brisket
Curry Sage Horseradish
Salt-Crusted Pastrami Lotus Root and Lemon Meatloaf
Smoked Paprika Apple and Nutmeg Habanero Ham on Cauliflower
Sugar-dusted Olive Loaf with Smoked Paprika sauce
Spaghetti Burger
Coconut Olive and Walnut Potato on Cheese
Seared Spicy Hosin Squash and Raisin Duck on Fries
Miso Spinach and Asparagus Onion
Cinnamon Potato on Cauliflower
Jerked Honied Bolognese Garlic and Bacon Squash
Squid Cauliflower
Pepperoni Roe and Habanero Avocado on Toast
Mustard Horseradish and Vinegar Turnip on Croquette
Curried Quesadilla
Broiled Salami Bologna and Guacamole Corned Beef
Pickled Breaded Tabasco Beet and Yam Chicken with Sweet sauce
Fajita with Blueberry sauce
Pinto Bean Egg
Falafel Onigiri
Celery on Kimchi
Olive Loaf on Quinoa
Vinegar Horseradish on Chips


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