Candy Generator

We all like our sweet treats - but we can always do with more ideas for our stories, or a little speculative cooking . . .

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Your Options:
Berry Gummis
Blackberry Glimmering Petals
Butterpopcorn Toffee
Crunchy Raisin Strawberries
Fruttisour Jawbreakers
Fudgy Wackomeringue
Junior Sparkling Strawberries
Kaledored Hot Buttons
Nougat Glochocolates
Peanut Kaledobooms
Popcorn Tropical Taffy
Raspberry Muchocrunchies
Red Hot Muchochunks
Rice Ultraberries
Shiny Frosty Apricots
Strawberry Plums
Tastywhipped Caramels
Tropical Extreme Taffy
Wackojunior Chew
Wacky Berry Pleasures
Wild Rice Loves
Yumtoffee Jawbreakers


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