Candy Generator

We all like our sweet treats - but we can always do with more ideas for our stories, or a little speculative cooking . . .

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Your Options:
Blackberry Bunches
Boombubblegum Blackberries
Crackostrawberry Crackers
Crazy Yumbananas
Crispy Sparkling Jawbreakers
Fizzy Tropical Plums
French Hot Chocolates
Fruttijunior Jawbreakers
Glimmering Mocharaisins
Gummi Super Bananas
Hot Worms
Licorice Hot Biscuits
Marshmallow Jawbreakers
Meganutty Pecans
Minty Truffles
Orange Truffles
Popcorn Drops
Popcorn Flowers
Sparkly Sugary Meringue
Tangy Astrocremes
Tropical Megabits
Ultragrape Mints
Whipped Grape Truffles


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