Candy Generator

We all like our sweet treats - but we can always do with more ideas for our stories, or a little speculative cooking . . .

Your Options:
Banana Fudge
Banana Kaledotoffee
Coacosugary Caramels
Crackofizzy Cremes
Crackofudge Taffy
Crackopineapple Toffee
Crackosparkly Caramels
Frosty Buttertoffee
Fudgy Carob Fudge
Gelcoconut Toffee
Honey Bananas
Honey Taffy
Honeyed Butterchips
Jellied Wacky Apples
Jelly Chocoblasts
Jelly Pecans
Plum Extreme Scrunchies
Popcorn Gel
Sour Plum Petals
Sugary Crisp Blackberries
Tastycarob Loves
Tastyextreme Surprise
Yummy Nutty Marzipan


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