B Movie Titler

B Movies (and those further down the alphabet) are an integral part of understanding human culture. When you need to stock your imaginary grindhouse or stoke your imagination in a less-than-high-class direction, use these titles!

Your Options:
Abominable Expedition to Uranus
Android Assault!
Beast of Fascination
Captain Nemo and the Torturer
Claw of the Ghoul
Death Killers
Evil Child
Filth Road
Gore Innocent
He was a Futuristic Satan
He was an Atom-age Caligula, The Final Showdown
Island of Love
The Bloodthirsty Love of The Snake-Person
The Decadent Mission
The Disease of Medusa
The Dragons from Beyond
The Legend of Snow White
The Ressurection of Angelique Miller
The Sensational Magic of Lizzie Borden


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