Action Film Generator

Over-the top imaginary action film plots, done in the style of movie trailers. Of course with some films out there, these may be closer to reality than indended . . .

Your Options:
On a demon-haunted planet of blasphemy, in an era of chaos, two kitsunes and a druid try to save a kidnapped construction worker.
In a galaxy of mysteries, an armorer tries to find a lost treasure.
In an evil universe, four clerics and a dutchess try to solve the ultimate crime.
In an empire of madness and doom, three marines and a demonologist try to find love and battle a legion of demons.
In a damned kingdom, in a time of magic, an archivist tries to save a kidnapped robot.
In a galaxy of doom and warfare, a prostitute and a traveler hope to stop the destruction of mankind.
In a universe of pain and hopelessness, a prospector tries to solve the ultimate crime.
In a kingdom of war and horror, in an age of sorcery, a dungeon delver opposes an army of mages intent on on controlling the universe.
In a kingdom of crime and chaos, four witch-hunters and a prospector search for freedom.
In a demon-haunted kingdom, two shamans and an exorcist battle crime.
In a kingdom of confusion, a fighter searches for fame and opposes an evil supercoputer.
In a city of battle, two travelers combat a cabal of fallen angels.
In a distant empire of devils, a squire and a mercenary try to save the last living fertile woman.
In a damned kingdom, in a time of demons, a construction worker and a fighter try to stop the apocalypse.
In a wicked empire of madness, a fighter and a seer search for an ancient artifact and oppose a syndicate of zombies intent on on taking over the world.


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