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Action Film Generator

Over-the top imaginary action film plots, done in the style of movie trailers. Of course with some films out there, these may be closer to reality than indended . . .

Your Options:
On an insane planet of panic, a fire fighter and a traveler try to find justice and oppose the forces of hell.
In an empire of misery and panic, in an era of warfare, a physicist and a farmer oppose a cabal of barbarians.
In an ominous universe, a planetary explorer and a healer hope to solve the ultimate crime.
In a city of mysticism and pain, in an era of necromancy and conspiracy, five beastmasters seek a mysterious artifact and fight terrorism.
In a crime-infested city of suffering, two scribes and a nun battle a conspiracy.
In an empire of fear and war, in an era of murder, seven virtual reality engineers fight crime.
In a wicked kingdom, three archivists and a ranger hope to find the cure for a deadly disease.
On a world of confusion, two warlords and a smuggler search for fame.
In a world of mystery and darkness, in an age of mysteries and misery, three androids and an acrobat seek vengance and oppose lawlessness.
On a world of battle, a gambler and a gigolo fight a horde of fallen angels intent on stealing the source of all magic.
In a world of barbarism and dark magic, in an era of conspiracy and horror, a bodyguard hopes to stop the apocalypse.
In a mysterious empire of magic, four cyberpunks and a cyberneticist quest for the truth.
In an evil city, in a time of conspiracy and wickedness, three novelists and a xenobiologist oppose a conspiracy.
In a sinful empire of fear, two professors try to find vengance and oppose evil.
On a planet of mysticism, in an age of murder and murder, three physicists and a fortune-teller seek freedom.


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