Humorous Anime Power Generator

Anime provides us with many memorable cases of characters yelling out long strings of words before smiting their enemies. Of course something that beloved deserves a bit of parody . . .

Your Options:
Alteration Hairspray
Bladed Spit Electrocutioner
Brute Rap Drive Creamy Rule
Cable Morse Therapy
Damned Spit
Dart Varicose Transformation
Dominator Creamy Alchemy
Dragon Suppository
Electric Annoyance
Fake B-Movie Noble Pimple
Fissure Stupid Razor B-Movie Mashing
Flying Java Seduction
Form Automotive Hacker
Gravel Flatulence
Mirage MST3K Executor Algebraic Fang
Morse Eliminator
Persuing Pantyhose Spiralling Carburator Mastery
Rap Battery
Rhapsody Bureaucratic Execution Telegraph
Seeing Soap Shrieking Carburator Ray
Seeking Lipstick Vile Surfboard
Sensory Cufflink
Stinky Kick
Tea Slice
Voice Varicose Find Suppository


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