Humorous Anime Power Generator

Anime provides us with many memorable cases of characters yelling out long strings of words before smiting their enemies. Of course something that beloved deserves a bit of parody . . .

Your Options:
Angel Stinky Alchemist Raspberry Mash
Bacon Subjugator
Beauty Salt Spy
Brute Reviewer Fast Fart
Changing Stapler Excellent Vomit
Code Brush
Creamy Electrocutioner
Delerium ISO 9001 Fist Surfboard
Demon Suppository Shake
Gadgetry Derivitive Volt Flowchart
Gizmo Square Spray
Glowing Staple Cleaving Fart Field
Hoax Coffee Spiral Automotive Prayer
Hunter Staple
Hyperion Automotive Zap Onion Tap
Infection Creamy Refuge Diarrhea
Janitorial Submerge
Jungle Reviewer
Lover Nailclipper
Perfect Chocolate Proton Stickpin Illusion
Planetary Tea Scanning Itching
Psychic Nailclipper Super Diarrhea
Racing Paperclip Immortal Cufflink Waylay
Terra Knitting Mashing Spit
Vortex Janitorial Night Diarrhea


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