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Martial Arts Move Generator

You know how it goes. No Martial arts maneuver can have a normal name. It's got to be something crazy and bizarre and descriptive. So this is where you come when you need to go beyond 'I punched him in the face.'

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Your Options:
Advanced Port Storm
Barbarian Lift of the Innocent Queen
Block Twist of the Kind Cats
Clutch of Dreaded Annihilations
Clutch of the Jade Thunder
Fang of the Ethereal Queen
Fang of the Hidden Innocent Immortal
Forgotten Barbarian Knee of the Desolation
Fourteen Melancholy Horses Smash of Smashing Automatons
Hammer of Banes
High Flip of the Distant Battlers
Hopelessness Elbow of the Seven Barbarian Bandits
Indecisive Wolf Twist
Lock of the Drunken Apes
Penetrating Drag of the King
Pinch of the Uncounted Happy Hawks
Press of the Gentle Brides
Serpent's Kick of the Leaf
Shiver of Secret Phoenixes
Tackle of the Penetrating Madman
Ten Hateful Priestesses Sweep of Phantasmal Blocks
Thunder of the Creative Ghost
Tracking Lock of the Athletic Soldiers
Tsunami Shield of the Gentle Shaman
Wolf's Throw


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