Martial Arts Move Generator

You know how it goes. No Martial arts maneuver can have a normal name. It's got to be something crazy and bizarre and descriptive. So this is where you come when you need to go beyond 'I punched him in the face.'

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Your Options:
Assasin Shiver of the Frozen Lightning
Awkward Phantom Cyclone of the Wine
Bite of the Radiant Devils
Burning Three Barbarians Bite
Chop of Flying Brave Pandas
Demonic Warrior Roll of Hands
Drunk Knuckle of Mercury Bronze
Four Wise Demons Thunder
Hand of Sulphur Wizardries
Holy Buddha Lift of Purgatories
Invisible Eastern Avalanche
Palm of the Inescapable Short-tempered Dragon
Perfected Toe of the Searcher
Pinch of the Jade Bedlam
Rat's Sacrifice of the Unholy Gallows
Sage Storm of the Copper Candle
Seven Drunken Peaces Kick
Shivering Madman Trap of the Cross
Sweep of the Fear-ridden Bandits
Terrifying Strike of the Contemplative Beetles
Theif Torture of Enchantments
Toe of the Raiders
Touch of Western Gods
Triumphant Avalanche of the Insane Bandit
Wolf's Toss of Desolations


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