Martial Arts Move Generator

You know how it goes. No Martial arts maneuver can have a normal name. It's got to be something crazy and bizarre and descriptive. So this is where you come when you need to go beyond 'I punched him in the face.'

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Your Options:
Astral Killer Leg of Copper
Blasphemous Phoenix Leg of the Insanity
Blow of the Fifty Visions
Boar Foot
Bull's Lift of the Scythe
Deadly Foot of the Thieves
Deathly Grab of the King
Eighteen Cranes Choke of Raids
Eternal Nothingness Hand
Fierce Ivory Trap Pinch
Fortuitous Seventy Shamans Hold
Ghost Thunder of Profane Falsehoods
Inescapable Soldier Thunder of Loves
Misery Drop of the Buddha
Mouse's Fist of the Eight Maces
Nineteen Tortures Foot
Pinch of Marrow Mountains
Pose of the Uncounted Suave Goddesses
Press of the One Million Tin
Protector's Whirlwind of the Legendary Mud
Rabbit's Unknown Clap
True Four Soldiers Shield
True Whirlwind of the Athletic Rat
Wicked Sage Meteor of Iron
Wolf's Stomp of Steel Whirlwinds


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