Alien Race Name Generator

What's out there in the universe? Possibly the folks here! Inspired specially by Pulp SF and Doctor Who, this is your source for a more 'retro' alien race name.

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Your Options:
Aerohawks Of Alpha Centauri
Bionoannihilators Of Altair Beta
Celestial Crabs Of The Warp
Cluster Jesters Of Deneb Twelve
Elder Creators Of Antares
Ethereal Birds
Hawk-demons Of The Diamond Space
Jaguar-mammoths Of Arcturus
Lamprey Chillers
Megaangels Of Alpha Eridani
Mesdusa Drainers
Neural Vultures Of Castor Delta
Omen Theives
Planet Torturers Of Kochab Twelve
Sea Heretics
Star Dreamers
Time Spiders
Transdimensional Hounds Of Aldebaran Two
Wolf Creepers


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