Alien Race Name Generator

What's out there in the universe? Possibly the folks here! Inspired specially by Pulp SF and Doctor Who, this is your source for a more 'retro' alien race name.

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Your Options:
Antimattervores Of Jupiter
Cloud Imps Of Fomalhaut
Cronoserpents Of Fomalhaut Twelve
Dark Birds Of The Moon
Djinn Sirens
Dogs-wisps Of The Black Field
Dynabots Of The Mirror Universe
Fish-banshees Of The Temporal Comet
Flare Spectres Of The Black Hole
Gigabashers Of The Indigo Comet
Illusion Mastodons Of Achernar Nine
Lamprey Pirates Of Denebola
Leeches Scions Of Time
Lizard-lizards Of Alpha Centauri Three
Magnoentities Of Beta Orionis Three
Node Bugs Of Alpha Eridani Eleven
Node Swarm
Pulsar Takers Of Alpha Bootis Eta
Quantum Gladiators
Sphere Medusae


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